Cute gathering

Sorting through my Nintendo collection… found this lil’ handheld gathering!

The Arduboy makes the Pokemon Mini look choonky! :laughing:


Wow, always wanted to find one of those pokemon mini on the cheap. No luck so far.

Which game is the multiscreen one?

Even retro Pokémon related things that aren’t rare are going up in price despite their abundance. The prices of the 2D mainline Pokémon games are at least $50 for a loose cartridge in decent condition, in regards to the english copies at least.

I Have a few extra and a bunch of merch :wink:


Well mine is selling for ~$1! :wink:
I’m having to sell everything to pay for my Arduboy habit! :laughing: :sweat_smile:

It’s ‘Squish’- I think the first handheld game I ever played ~1990?..

WOW!! They look so nice! I really love the tiny cartridges too! :heart_eyes:
Such a nice system, like the VMU’s- shame they never took off.

I’m now at the stage of clearing that we are down to the more obscure handhelds! Who else owned one of these? :smiley:

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You are sitting on a gold mine!

I know and I’ve also backlit 3 of them using mobile phone displays :smiley:


I was surprised how good the LCD displays were in these, compared to the Game Boy Pocket (~1997 vs ~2001).

Awesome. Did you swap those displays out yourself? Pokémon Tetris is great.

I’m suddenly feeling the urge to whip out my DSi :eyes: :flushed: :wink:

Now you are just plain teasing me LOL tell me you dont like the green one and feel the urge to give it away :wink:

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