Cutie E - a sexy QTE


As it is suggested with the words “cutie” and “sexy” in the title of the topic, you can expect to find a picture of relative nudity inside this game.

I made this game to celebrate a recent song by Vive la fête: “You can sleep in my bed”.


It's not clear (600x400)

This picture shows a glitch when you delete the clear fonction in void loop().

It is my third release on Arduboy, after “The guy who never complains” and “Bip Bipbip”.

My personal best is 31 points.

(Pharap) #2

Might want to dump a ‘not for children’/‘adults only’ warning on that one.


Really? But she is not even naked! She wears a white thin garment on all her body. You’re too harsh with the children to prevent them from playing with the good games.

(Pharap) #4

It’s hard to tell with 1 bit per pixel graphics.


The less pixels, the more imagination :grinning:

(Scott R) #6

“May contain content of a sexual nature”


Games with violence are OK but games with a little bit love are considered dangerous for our innocent children… Are you kidding me?


Nudity has nothing to do with love. Your conversion of the Vive la fête cover looks too much like a nude women. Maybe it means nothing to you. But not everyone shares that opinion and some may be offended especially young children. All that is asked for is to give a warning about your games content.

No offence but personally I don’t think the background is making your game any better. Gameplay becomes much more unclear and that’s not because of the party lady.

(Pharap) #9

For what it’s worth, the nudity doesn’t really bother me personally, I’m just going by what most game-rating authorities would say.
(PEGI usually gives at least a 12+ for sexual references.)

Arduboy games don’t have an age rating system (and so far we haven’t needed one), so we have to self-regulate.

(And frankly, I’m trying to pre-empt a worst-case scenario. If there’s a warning in place then people can’t say they weren’t expecting it. It’s better to be here debating it with people who are trying to be helpful, than trying to fend off an angry parent.)

(Side note: There was an incident on another forum where a parent complained about a text adventure with the death text “You scream pathetically like a girl.”. Complaints happen, no matter how serious or how unfounded.)


Nudity is not love, but it can be one of its different expression ways.

Warning is now added at the top of my first post.


If we decide to put conventional warnings in the future for the Arduboy games, it makes much sense to me to present what the game contains (violence, swearing, sexe, etc.) that to just indicate a minimum age allowing people to use them or not.


@bateske Do you mind if I try to sell this picture that I made in an art exhibition?

(Kevin) #13

Sure go for it! Let us know how it does! :slight_smile:

(Pharap) #14

Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I mentioned PEGI - that’s what PEGI does (en francais).

For what it’s worth, only 4 Zelda games get a 3+ rating, all others get a 7+ or 12+ for violence (and in one case ‘fear’) (en francais).
(I suspect the great fairies don’t help - every game where a great fairy has a revealing outfit has a 12 rating.)

The main point of an age rating system is to protect the game author and the forums by putting the responsibility on the individuals playing the game (and if they aren’t adults, their parent(s)/guardian(s)).

If there’s a rating in place and it’s clearly visible then nobody can complain they weren’t warned, and depending on whether it’s enforced or not, people could probably choose to ignore it.
There would probably be a disclaimer saying “if you choose to ignore this, we cannot be held accountable”.

(Scott R) #15

I would prefer to see descriptive icons or “may contain something” labels rather than age ratings that are not globally universal.

(Pharap) #16

I’m trying to wait for some sort of ‘official’ word on whether such a thing is needed or whether it would even be considered before getting too deep in the details, but now I’m wondering if it would be better to just make a thread about it with some polls before trying to go ‘official’ since this is starting to go down that route.