Cutscene on Arduboy

I am fascinated with 1 bit display and I wanted to know if any more advance picture could be display there. And if so maybe even a video clip :slight_smile:

I cut frame by frame short clip from well known movie. Then I use to make dither 1 bit picture and to load it to Arduboy. I manage to load only 20 frames so I use every third frame to make as much as possible of it. It still runs smoothly but it is less than a second long.
I wonder if there is a better way to convert pictures to make them even smaller.

Tell me what you think.


We will have to form a ministry to evaluate these silly 1-bit videos, and I am not sure this one will made it thru.

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The flash cart test includes a movie too. I wanted to try and encode starwars into it but then I tried a few frames and it’s garbage, you need to draw it all by hand.

I’ve been goading @Mr.Blinky to make a version that uses compression :slight_smile:

Even without compression you can still store several thousand frames.

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Here is another scene :slight_smile:

If you tweak black and white levels in the video and find a good algorithm for dithering I think you can manage to display any movie :smiley:

i think having motion is a big part of it too any one particular frame kind of looks difficult to discern.

Anyways, put starwars on the fx chip :slight_smile: