CyberHack V1.0

Nope got them both configured as SH1106 so must be the GCC level.

Arduboy uses SSD1306. SH1106 uses column and page mode to display the framebuffer maybe that’s where it goes wrong.


hey, wonderful graphics…but I have no idea about hacking…can you tell me something about this game…means how to play with it… and what to do in this game… Otherwise nice game.

There’s some help in the first post. Click on the little triangles to reveal the information.

hi Mr.Blinky, where is the small trangle

I should have said arrows. like these:

click me

Ta da!

ok ok i got i got thanks i see it

Hi, My lovely arduboy friends …i am new in arduboy but much more intrested for programming keep supporting me…i have no arduboy… so i made a home made arduboy(FX)…so please supporing me…

I hid the instructions away as I didn’t want to overwhelm people with all of it when they first hit the page. Apparently I hid them too well!

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Maybe add a header above the drop downs like “Click the arrows below to expand the different sections” or something like that? (I missed them the first time too)


Good idea … and done.

Your wish is my command. The .hex has been updated in the repo and here on the site. I have also fixed a couple of little things as well - we now have 32 bytes free (on my Mac)!


I’m still not able top upload it on my Arduboy. It’s still saying the compiled size is too large. I also tried uploading the hex via Erwin’s tool and also via the python’s script of Mr Blinky and it’s not working either.

EDIT: Actually, it worked with the Python’s uploader script of Mr Blinky. Great game!

I am not sure why you could not load it … were you recompiling it or using my original hex file?

How are other uploading this?

Better than expected.

I was planning to do it yesterday, but things have suddenly got quite busy. I’ll let you know the results when I have chance to locate and grab the board package.

No hurry - I was just curious as to what others got when they compiled the same code.

I tried both, first using your hex and as it was failing I compiled your code using IDE but indeed I noticed that I didn’t use the optimised core.

I don’t see why using the .hex wouldn’t work right away… Really weird, i am almost alway using Arduboy Mate on my cellphone to flash games on my Arduboy (when not compiling them myself) and it pretty much never failed.

Hex not uploading would be usb code missing from currently installed game or possibly bad usb cable.