CyberHack V1.0

I didn’t use Arduboy Mate as I don’t have an Android device. It only worked with the python’s script of M. Blinky.

USB cable is good (I tried multiple cables including the original one). The game installed was Circuit Dude (which means no USB code missing). Anyway, now it works and the game is awesome.


The text in the hacking is so small its hurting my eyes. Much easier on an ArduBigBoy - 2.42" of viewing pleasure!


in my case i found some error that the programe is too what can i do…
error masage>>>>

Arduino: 1.8.13 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino Micro”

text section exceeds available space in boardSketch uses 28790 bytes (100%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.

Global variables use 1535 bytes (59%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1025 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes.

Sketch too big; see for tips on reducing it.

Error compiling for board Arduino Micro.

This report would have more information with
“Show verbose output during compilation”
option enabled in File → Preferences.

It’s mentioned several times in the thread that you need to use a custom build setup in order to get this to compile.

You’ll need to use the mr. blinky board package.

From the original post.

@filmote, one dumb question about bytebeat music.
i would like to add bytebeat music support to ESP port of these excellent game and i have one idea to do it simple way.
the idea is to use notes calculations from ingame bytebeat formula, but render the sound of note by ESP ported “arduboy playtune” lib.
what do you think, is it a good way?

It would work I guess. You could always substitute the bytebeat for something better - I won’t be offended. You should take advantage of your better hardware.

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In this case, the hardware is inferior. It doesn’t have hardware timer generated, quickly variable PWM, which is used by Bytebeat.

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Oh really? I didn’t realise that.

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Yes, so I actually have to emulate it with a bitbang tech. Bytebeat bitbang )

Sounds impressive!

It works (source). Done with ESP builtin sigmadelta(); support.
But bytebeat can’t play togather with normal tones.
tones() and playtone lib timers resets sigmadelta settings.
So it is now only setup picture initial bytebeat melody is playing.
Maybe later i’ll improve sigmadelta(); reinitialisation after every tone(); playing )

In some ways I fell this is one of my best games. Funny how games you love are underrated by the community and ones your are less invested do better.


Liking games is really linked to many things and quality is just an important part but many other things are making success


This is so true in many aspects of life.


I have to confess, I missed it on it’s release. I actually thought it was a spoof(!)… I couldn’t believe how much was packed in :exploding_head:.
It was only recently I got my head around the varied aspects of the game. The ‘hacking’ element alone is worthy of a standalone game. The action parts are pretty tough- but after reading the guide, it’s very rewarding when you complete a level.
Really amazing what you and @vampirircs achieved. :smiley: