Darius [Demo]

The most profound thing about Japanese shooting games is Taito Darius. Although it is not completely convertible, I have already made a love game for a person who loves games. I hope everyone will appreciate it and my passion for Arduboy! Thank you

Download Link:


Wah!!! COOL! please Enjoy it…

2019_02_01_Darius_v1.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex (86.4 KB)


This is getting great! Can’t wait to try it!

Congratulations for your work!

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Thanks again Ken for your post / game. Nice to ba able to play to the demo. When you’ll be ready, will you sell access to the full games. I ask me (and so i ask you) if you’ll developp the entire game or just the graphics and the motor of the game (the big ones not the game & watch as you have already developp all about them) ? On your webdav, will you add sources later or will you keep them private ? (It mainly curiosity as atm i’m not coding for many reasons, time, games, family, asw, but i like your games so i’m curious :wink: )


This is a cool demo! Looks nice.

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Very nice layout for the playfield. Graphics are superbly drawn. Overall I think this is a solid proof of concept. Just needs to be fleshed out. Nice work!

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Love the look and where you are headed with this. I look forward to your completed project. Thanks for sharing!

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So it seems that this was just a demo.

Such a good looking game with heaps of potential. Unfortunately, a lot of his games went nowhere.

Yead it’s a shame. He made some cool looking stuff.