Dark Star (puzzle game)

Made a little puzzle game based on a HP48 / TI calculator game. Although I never played the originals, I played a version on the Jupiter Ace and wanted to make a version for Arduboy with some extras to make it more fun to play.

darkstar.hex (34.7 KB)

Game play:

  • Move the ball with the directional buttons and collect all bubbles.
    The ball will continue moving into the same direction until it hits
    a wall or the blocker.

  • The blocker can be moved in same way as the ball except it also stops
    when it hits the ball or a bubble.

  • Press the B-button to switch control between the ball and the blocker.
    A joystick will wiggle its way from the ball to the blocker or vice
    versa when changing control.

  • Moving the ball or blocker into a new direction will count as a move. You have
    1024 moves to complete all 25 levels.

  • As an aid you get 5 special balls. A special ball can be used to either
    retry or skip a level. Skipping a level will also cost a 100 move penalty.

HEX file


Awesome game, theres an atari 2600 version i like to play. This on is just as good.

Love the title screen / boot animation it makes the game look really polished.


Yes absolutely … this is a really cool game!

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There is? Nice. Have to check that out sometime.

The 2600 version is called AStar, its on atariage. In my opinion Dark Star is just as good, really addicting game.


Nice. Thanks :wink: Nice puzzle game

Awesome game. Well done! Thanks for sharing. Students at school will love this game! Great effort.

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Love it! very addictive, nice game