Dark&Under - A Dungeon Crawler

(cyril guichard) #1

Hello everyone! it’s my pleasure to announce the official release of Dark & Under, a dungeon crawler for Arduboy. Here’s the “official” website, with a short “how to play” information:

@filmote also wrote a level editor, so you can create your own mazes!
You can grab everything here: https://github.com/Garage-Collective

The game has been in development for about 2 months by the following people:

@luxregina - Original Concept/Lead Artist/Clear Box Tester
“After buying my Arduboy, I really wanted to have a game I contributed to on it - Being a huge fan of dungeon crawlers, I made a quick prototype in Java and quickly realized that porting it in C++ would be out of my league. That’s when @filmote and later @pharap stepped in and made the concept a reality. It was a fun and quick little project and I’m glad I got the work with these fantastic people. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the game!”

@filmote - Lead Programmer/Clear Box Tester
“Knowing little about dungeon crawling games, I joined this project knowing I could offer development skills but little in the way of ‘play’ or ‘strategy’ suggestions. I shouldn’t have worried as the team were obviously experienced gamers and knew this genre back to front. I love the graphics in this game – even in glorious 128 x 64 black and white - and it is what originally made me contact Cyril to discuss a collaboration. The development process was fun but the team was split across three countries and time zones which introduced some issues …”

@pharap - Assistant Programmer/Advisor/Clear Box Tester
“I originally passed up working on Dark & Under because I was resting from publishing my library, but after being asked by @filmote to assist with reducing progmem usage a few times, I ended up joining the project to help cut down progmem usage as the project progressed. During development I ended up making some more higher level suggestions as well (some of which were good, some of which were terrible). Luckily I had some insight into the genres that @filmote was lacking, so I ended up helping in other small ways too. It has been quite a challenging project (and I wasn’t even there at the start) but all in all I think we’ve overcome most issues and the end result is a fun little romp that will hopefully bring people a fair few hours of fun.”

and our very special thanks to:
@Keyboard_Camper - Black Box Tester

@Keyboard_Camper spent hours and hours dying in the maze to make sure that the game was actually winable and gave us golden feedback on gameplay, bug reports, suggestions for the level editor. Thanks again for everything!

We all hope you have fun with Dark & Under - now go steal that dragon’s treasure!!!

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(Holmes) #2

Is… This real life??? This game is finally out???

This looks amazing and I know it’ll have great gameplay, as well. So many games I have to load up and play, today!

Mind if I put it up on my Arduboy Manager repo?

(Thomas) #3

Omg Yessssss
Looks amazing!

(cyril guichard) #4

absolutely not! also, feel free to use the banner at the top and/or the following screenshots:



Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play it. the presentation site looks very professional too. I’d buy an Arduboy from it right away.

(Simon) #6

And by that he means, we don’t mind and please do!

(Simon) #7

It’s awesome being involved in a project where someone has great artistic abilities (I don’t). My abilities start and end at coding, unfortunately.

@Keyboard_Camper has designed an awesome box for this that would be used for a
’‘special’’ edition if we had one. Maybe he can share the graphics on this thread?

(Scott R) #8

I bought an Arduboy for it. The game is so awesome and I was lucky enough to snag a green Kickstarter Edition recently to give it a permanent home.

The guys did an amazing job on this one, it was and still is a real pleasure to play.

Shhh it not done yet :laughing:.
Sadly I never got enough time at home on my PC to complete it in time for release as I had to prioritise my spare time playing the game but if all goes to plan I’ll hopefully be on holiday from tomorrow so I can get finished asap.

(Cody) #9

This game is AWSOME. Craig can you add it to your game loader?

(Simon) #10

I think you meant @crait

(Simon) #11

Seriously, @Keyboard_Camper did a cracker of a job testing this game. A few of our key people had some distractions but he plowed through. Nice work, Scott!

(Boti Kis) #12

OMG yesss, gonna try it today!

(Michael Gollnick) #13

Another awesome game! Great job!

(Simon) #14

Check out what @Mr.Blinky is doing with the game:

(cyril guichard) #15

This is awesome!!! I’m really loving it!


(cyril guichard) #17

Now it makes me want to put colors in! :slight_smile:

(Kyle) #18

I love this game. It is perfect. very simple to understand right away yet very complex for an Arduboy game. I was so excited to download it! Thank you for creating this masterpiece dungeon game!

(Scott R) #19

My name is Scott and I am a D&U addict.

(Cody) #20

I can’t seem to add this game