Dark&Under - A Dungeon Crawler

(Garry osborne) #181

Thanks yeah I got the info I needed after I went to teamarg git hub page.

I just want to take a moment to give you big kudos on creating dark&under. My favorite dungeon crawls have always been the wizardry series and eye of the beholder. Great job! Keep finding ways to expand it!


(Scott R) #182

@Anorak please tell me it’s a manticore I’ve wanted one since development.

(Garry osborne) #183

:grin: @Keyboard_Camper I shall add the manticore to the front of the list!


(Simon) #184

This would be interesting to see. It would require an interesting algorithm to ensure that all branches of the maze are accessible but definitely do-able.

(Simon) #185

How are you progressing with this?

(Garry osborne) #186

Hi @filmote, its been 1 part understanding the code base and 1 part trying to get that dang first creature added. :grinning: I have a clone of the code base as I sort through getting it added once I feel comfortable with the first creature added I will pull a branch from github. also I am weaving in code for what I like to think as “stun” either from an attack or as a monster skill. figured that was simple enough and did not require much code rework. trying to fit it all in with the day job and bball shutting of kids is another challenge. The indie devs I run with joke about dev time is 10 - 2. 10 pm to 2 am that is.

will keep the thread posted.


(Simon) #187

Oh … you need a job lioke mine where you can do bits at work. My colleagues and customers cannot tell the difference between my normal Java and my C++. Sometimes I try to interchange the syntax which produceses some weird results!

(Garry osborne) #188

yea I hear ya, gonna spend time coding tonight, no rest for the lowly game developer.


(Garry osborne) #189

Whew ok Simon, finished getting a paper I had to write and submitted out of the way now I can focus on the changes to Dark&Under.

I forked a copy under A-n-o-r-a-k. Is that the best way to contribute without impacting the project? I am calling this release Monsters & Traps. I am awaiting images for the monsters that I plan to add from a friend so I am working with place holders right now. Also I have a trap that has spikes protruding from the wall I just cant seem to figure out what size wall images I need to create. can you add a comment line in the MapData.h (i think that is correct) for each wall image describing the size WxL so I know what size wall image I need to create.

I am taking requests for monsters to add: what I have right now is Manticore, Mummy(s), Plague Rat, and gelatinous cube.


(Simon) #190


Right. The walls are a real pain to describe- they layer on top of each other as the screen is built from the furthest point to the closest. I will look on my machine at home and find the images that the walls originally were generated from.

Alternatively, you can look at the various image encoding programs that have been posted on this site to see if any allow you to reverse the encoding back to an image.

(Garry osborne) #191

Sounds like a plan I totally understand the approach from the blog article that you guys done a while back describing the back to front build process. I figured I would build sets of walls (spiked in one trap) but have to build each section farthest to closest. I will search out the image encoding programs and see if I that will give me a leg up.


(Pharap) #192

Wouldn’t they be in one of those ancient PMs?

And for that matter, aren’t they bundled with the editor?

(Simon) #193

No … I think he is looking for the graphics that are rendered as a result of the map - not the maps themselves.

(cyril guichard) #194

would it help if I posted the pngs we used?

(Simon) #195

Maybe … however I cropped them down a little to try reduce the size. I will have to see what I have remaining.

(Simon) #196

Actually, if you look at my repo - not the Garage Collective - you will see two sets of wall images, We tried squeezing the second set in but ran out of room initially.

(Nunya ) #197

Love the game. Just what I was looking for on the Arduboy!

Was wondering how to get life? I fought two rats and am about to die!

----- just kidding. Found a hp potion!

+1 on the save feature. Would love to be able to keep my character alive for many dungeons to come Ha!

(cyril guichard) #198

Super happy to see people playing the game a year later! :slight_smile:

(Simon) #199

It might be time to create some new mazes … with the rehash of the library, we could ditch USB support and create some larger ones!

(cyril guichard) #200

and new monsters/tilesets? :slight_smile: