Dark&Under - A Dungeon Crawler

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #221

For me your english forum is fine and then i write a little less as i have to think more about what i really want to writte :smiley: It’s fine that alot french people (and mainly young people can talk on gamebuino forum but it’s sometimes a problem for english talking people who can feel exclude about some subjects.
You have a fine community, i think you have to continue like this to avoid to lost some great people from here. If the forum was working bad, you could have to try to add langage section but it’s works fine atm, i find, so i think it’s better to not modify here. On gamebuino forum, the translation of article in english / french is an additionnal works and i think you have already alot to do. It’s true what you could have a multilangage part for things like tutos, main informations as you have good translators for games. If they aggree to translate only this read only section what you could maintain, it’s could already be cool and you could keep an hand on content and only historize the main exchanges of the forum.

(Nicole Birgel) #222

I think i don’t have to say i would love to see a D&U sequel. I also love the idea of something similar (like monsters from part one), but with new game mechanics.
I also would love a port for meta or pokitto.
So all in all: Just make something - i am sure i will love it👍

(Pharap) #223

I have to make up for all the uncultured Brits who move abroad and don’t bother to learn the language, or who go on holiday and expect Brittish ‘pub grub’ to be on the menu.

I spend ages thinking about what to write and still end up writing a text wall. :P

True, but sometimes I feel sorry for the people who feel they have to learn English to participate in 90% of internet discussions.

Sometimes I like to drop in on the 日本語 section and try to understand what’s going on.

There was someone recently asking if there were any Japanese tutorials available, and I felt sorry that I wasn’t able to formulate a decent response.

Most games are open source, so there’s nothing to stop people just picking up an existing game and translating it in their spare time, then releasing the translation.

In fact, I think that would be a good excercise for beginners who speak a different language.

(Simon) #224


(Dylan ) #225

@luxregina The game wont download onto the arduboy every-time i try the message “no file or directory” would pop up. Can you pls tell me why this keeps happening and how to download it properly

(cyril guichard) #226

I’m not sure I know what’s wrong, but I’m certain that plenty here will have the technical knowledge to help out!

What method are you using to load the app in the Arduboy?

(Simon) #227

As @luxregina asks, how are you downloading it (or uploading it)? What method are you using?? Are you compiling the game and then uploading it to the Arduboy or simply uploading the HEX file??

You said ‘wont download onto the arduboy every-time’. Has it downloaded once?
Can you show me the exact error message?

(Kevin) #228

I think this is related to the folder and its contents not being extracted from the zip correctly.

(Simon) #229

I think so too. The .ino is in a correctly named folder in the repo so he would not get prompted to move it to a new folder by the IDE. It should work properly if it has all been downloaded correctly.

Another question: what version of the Arudino IDE and Arduboy libraries are you using?

(Dylan ) #230

So first I would go to the github for D&U then i would download the zip from there, lots of files start to download and i highlighted them all and pressed upload onto the arduino compiler to download it onto the arduboy, that is when the error message would occur

(Simon) #231

When you download the ZIP file, a single file should download with a .zip extension. You should then open the zip file and extract the files to a permanent location. You can then open the .ino file in the IDE and then press upload.

What is the exact message? Please cut and paste from the IDE.

(Dylan ) #232

The message that showed up was
exit status 1
src/game.h: No such file or directory
that is for ardyina
exit status 1
src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h/ No such file or directory
this is for Dark-And-Under

(Simon) #233

When you open the .ino file, were you prompted with a warning that your ino file and folder do not match?

If so, do not move it. When you extract the files from the zip file make sure you take the file and the containing folder. In the Arduino IDE, the ino and its folder name must match.

If you do let the IDE move the file, it only takes the ino and leaves the rest of the program behind.

Out of curiosity, have you attempted to upload the ‘Hello World’ Arduboy sample? This can be accessed from the IDE under the samples directory. If this loads up properly, then it shows the Arduboy itself and the Arduino IDE are fine and that it has just manhandled the code ofr the more complex games badly.

(Dylan ) #234

No i was not warned about my .ino files and folders do not match? And I did download Breakout as as the sample.

(Simon) #235

OK. Can you do me two favours?

Take a screen shot of Windows Explorer showing the directory structure.

Cut and paste the exact error for me.


(Dylan ) #236

Sorry it takes so long for me to reply, im just doing alot.

(Simon) #237

No problems … and the actual error?

(Dylan ) #238

Arduino: 1.8.7 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino Leonardo”

Dark-And-Under:1:35: error: src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.

exit status 1
src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h: No such file or directory

This report would have more information with
“Show verbose output during compilation”
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

(Simon) #239

And does the file exist in the src/utils/ directory?

Also, you appear to have downloaded the game twice (hence Dark-And-Under-master (2) ). Can you close the Arduino IDE and open it again by double clicking on the Dark-And_Under.ino file in the shown directory? I am thinking that you can see this but the IDE is actually pointed to the first download.

(Pharap) #240

It looks like you haven’t actually unzipped the .zip file, you’re just looking in it with the file explorer.
I can tell this because you’ve got “Compressed size” and “Ratio” appearing in the properties, which only appear if you’re looking in a compressed file (e.g. a .zip file).

You need to go up to “Dark-And-Under-master”, right click and then there should be an option that says “Extract all…”.
Follow the directions and it will extract the files from the .zip file and put them in a folder called Dark-And-Under-master and then you should be able to go into that to find Dark-And-Under and then everything should work.