Dark&Under - A Dungeon Crawler


You can send the royalties to:

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I knew we should have agreed percentages up front. :P


I’ll just draw a kangaroo on the box I’m sure it will get there fine


Time for a sequel?
Down & Under : Wrath of the Kookaburra


I get Kookaburras in the trees outside my house and they are fine. Its the nasty currawongs you need to watch …


Hey guys, just wanted to say that you did a great job on this game! After a short run learning the controls, I sat down later and beat the game in one sitting - lots of fun! I grew up with games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Dragon Quest, so seeing a dungeon crawler for the Arduboy was super exciting - especially one that looks this nice!
The only thing is that in said one-sitting run, I was under the effect of a glitch which prevented me from actually dying. Not only could I simply sit at 0 HP (though that might not be a glitch), when I finally did dip below 0, I simply went up to 50 health and kept going. I have, uh, no idea how I did it? But I replayed the game just now to check and, yeah, death is working properly now!
Regardless, I had a lot of fun playing the game, and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to it in the future! : D


Glad you enjoyed it.

PMD and DQ are two of my favourite series as well.

No clue what’s going on with that bug.
If we get another report of it we’ll have to have a dig through to try to find it, but at the moment I can’t see what could have caused it.

Don’t forget that we made the level editor available to everyone so if you ever feel like designing your own campaign then you can.

(Available in source form, compiled form and as an msi installer.)

@Keyboard_Camper made this:


i did got my Arduboy yesterday and now i wanted to install Dark & Under and when i am right i have to put all “.ino”, “.ccp”, “.c” and “.h” files out of the “master” folder from Github in to a folder under “C:\Users\Oscar\Documents\Arduino\Action Games” that is called “Dark-And-Under”. But when i do that i get that error message:

C:\Users\Oscar\Documents\Arduino\Action Games\Ego Perspective\Dark-And-Under\Dark-And-Under.ino:1:35: fatal error: src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h: No such file or directory

#include “src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h”


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Fehler beim Kompilieren für das Board Arduboy.

From my understandings it says that the “Arduboy2Ext.h” is missing, but i checked my folder twice and it is in there.
Does anyone know an answer for my problem.
And i am from germany so sorry for my terrible english.

Did you download everything or just selected items? Did you change the directory structure at all? You should just be able to download the .zip file and expand it. If you are using the standard Arduino IDE you will need to ensure that the .ino file (Dark-And-Under.ino) and its containing directory name match. I can see in the error they do.

What version of the IDE are you using. There was an issue a while back with code in subfolders but if you are n the latest that should not be an issue.

I am using the Arduino IDe 1.8.5

OK … so how did you download the code? Did you just get the entire ZIP file? Have you kept the folder structure - the ino’s in one folder with the .h and .cpp in the subfolders under /src/

yes i did that, but now i did copy the whole content of the unzipped zip in to the “Dark-And-Under” folder just tro see what happened and it did worked.
I am just wondering a bit, because in the quick start guide and the adding programms guide wasn’t anything written besides .ino, .cpp, .c and.h files.
thanks for the help

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All f the code is in the .ino, .cpp, .c and.h files. I think the structure might have been broken in your ‘manual’ download method.

Enjoy the game. Look for the Level Editor if you think you can design some better dungeons.

@filmote, should we move the code into a subfolder instead of root?

This is at least the 3rd time we’ve had someone bring up this issue and to be honest I often end up forgetting to take the -master off of games that are dumped in root until I’ve already clicked the .ino.

I mis-guessed, only one other case of this being the issue.
Though I’ve seen it crop up a lot elsewhere.

I think this issue is a little different as I think the folder structure between the INOs and the /src/ subdirectory was broken. He has correctly placed it in a directory with the same name as the INO according to the error message.

Having said that, it would not hurt for future downloaders.


I think that it would be realy helpful for newbies like me if all files that are needed were already in a Dark-And-Under folder in the zip.
Just like CastleBoy did handle that.


I’ve made an issue out of it.

Probably easier for you to handle it since I’ll be disappearing for the night shortly.
(Also I’d have to dig out my copy of portable git to handle the moving since the UI isn’t very good at handling moves.)


I’ve just finished retroactively adding .hex and .arduboy files to the releases page of Dark & Under.

From now on if we have any more release we’ll strive to make the .hex files available alongside the releases to make downloading the games easier for people who don’t know how to compile the source or don’t want to download the whole source just to get a .hex file.

We’re also in the process of moving the source code into a separate folder to adhere to the Arduino IDE’s rule for .ino files so people won’t have to rename the file they extract from the .zip/.tar.gz every time they download a fresh copy of the code.


Dark and Under is now available on the Microgamer!