Dark & Under FX Development

Hello everyone!

So we started talking about what could be a sequel for Dark & Under, both in terms of expanded content, but also in terms of art, since we are about to be less space-bound.

I always start with mock-ups that allow me to see how things look, how much space we have, etc…

  • A) Dedicate more screen space to the representation of the world: since we will need various wall tiles, etc, to represent various locations, the previous 64*64 area I was using would be too limiting. It was making sense when we were trying to shave space off the visuals, but now, we can show a bigger world, allowing in turn for more details.

  • B) The combat would be slightly rehauled, while still relying on the same tropes from the previous game (turn based)

  • C) One big update would be a proper inventory with equipable items: right now, in D&U, you can “upgrade” your weapons and shield, but that’s just bare-bones. I think it would be interesting to have a slightly more complex player stat system allowing players to have a defensive build or a offensive build… I’ll need to run some number to see how we manage that while staying super simple, but that’s the idea (not pictured here, the “stats” screen, waiting to have a better idea of what the stats should be and how it would impact the game)

  • D) Since we need to claim screen space for more world representation, the automap is now within its own interface. This should also allow us to have some simple icons differenciation.

  • E) Because we are limited with the amount of usable buttons, I thought a “pause menu” would allow players to access the various screens, including a proper UI for the save feature @filmote coded for the game.

  • F) One of the most exciting part for me: since we can afford a more detailed world, we can now have “outside” levels.- that should contribute at making the game feel more epic and keep players from being bored being in the same old maze at all times!

That’s pretty much it for now, it’s still work in progress, but I thought I’d use this topic to share some ideas, or bounce some off the community :slight_smile:


This is looking really nice. I also like the fact that the game might expand outside. the idea of maybe be able to have different builds is a good thing as well.


Oh, I forgot an important part! :slight_smile:


In addition to “find the exit” of the maze/level to progress further, I thought it would be cool to have a side quest (just one) per level - something for hardcore players/completionists to do. The object of the quest would be excentered enough to warrant a full level exploration, but could reward players with a lot of XP or nice gear to equip.
This would also allow us to bring NPCs, a bit of narrative in the game as well as more illustrations.

I would limit it to only one side-quest per level, because I think having a quest log in game would be an overkill for the platform we are one (and I know how everyone HATES coding UIs anyway :)) me included!)


Dude that looks awesome! some basic (low frame rate 2 or 3 fps) animation on the monsters would be nice too. I’m imagening that monster in the picture waving it’s tail already.

This shouting for a SpritesFX library :smiley:

You are reading my mind! but I’ll let @filmote validate the idea - that’s a lot of code to upgrade! :slight_smile:

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What do people think about the name?

Currently we’re divided, @luxregina and @filmote like “Deeper Under” but I’m not convinced.

My current suggestions are “Dark & Deeper” and “Black & Below”,
but @luxregina wants to drop the ‘&’ part from the logo.

Also, before anyone gets their hopes up,
we still don’t know to what degree the quest system might be possible.

I like Deeper Under. Sounds like a sequel and has the same initials too.

Any progress on this?

Not that I’m aware, the last I’ve done on this were the images posted above. If I remember correctly, it was decided to wait ti understand better the capacities and library of the FX…

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We haven’t really discussed it.

As far as I’m aware most of us have had our fingers in other pies since January,
so there hasn’t really been a ‘right’ opportunity.

It’s probably a good thing we’ve waited,
I think the FX’s sequential nature means we’d probably have to rethink how the maps are stored anyway.