Dark & Under II - Playable Demo Game

Playable Demo

Garage Collective (@luxregina and @filmote) are proud to release this demo version of our upcoming game Dark & Under II.

The demonstration is a full version of the first 4 areas in what will become a very large world!

In addition to feedback about the game play itself, we are looking for feedback on how the game performs on a real FX Arduboy for you. Is the screen readable, does it flicker, does it exhibit any other negative traits? Testing on our own physical device shows that the screen is stable albeit the contrasts are a little low but maybe this changes on other physical devices.

You can retrieve the latest version of the demo from the Garage Collective GitHub repo :

You can play it online here but we would really prefer feedback after playing it on a physical device!

Hello everyone!

If you enjoyed Dark and Under, you might be interested to know that @filmote and I started work on a much bigger sequel :slight_smile:
We’ll share some work in progress very soon as we are close of hitting a big milestone, but in the meantime, here’s some screenshots!


Cool! But why images are grayscale?

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ah! You’ll see! :wink: I’ll let @filmote explain this one :slight_smile:

Whoever did the artwork did a super great job! Can’t wait!

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Wow! What a great surprise. @filmote just never takes a break.

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He is taking a break for the Australian winter … he is heading to Europe for a while. This game will not be finished until August some time.

Ahhh … so you need to look at @brow1067’s ArduboyG library!

We have grey scale now … its a little tricky and may only work on ‘genuine’ Arduboys or those home made ones using the exact same screen, but its worth it!


Thanks! That would be me :slight_smile:

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Here’s a quick capture of our prototype map and functionality >


That is so cool! I love the transition to the forest outside.

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Of course, you will not be able to move when in ‘map’ mode.

If you happen to be going to Paris, take an FX that has Prince of Arabia and hand it to Jordan Mechner!

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We have a bear!



100% retreat :bear:

Maybe he just wants a hug? grizzly_close


In addition to Dark dungeons, and sinister forests, been working on sprawling towns lately! :slight_smile:
We really want to go “all -in” on the scope of this adventure!




this looks incredibly good! the atmosphere feels a lot stronger with the grays!

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Looks like Realms of Arkania for Arduboy

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Thanks! Yeah, it allows me to be a bit more subtle in the shading, thus allowing for extra detailing!

That’s absolutely the intent ( and is a reference, along Ishtar, Eye of the Beholder, Bard’s Tale, etc):slight_smile:
Glad to see that the inspiration surfaces, even through Black and White, those games had such wonderfully rich graphics!

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Looks like I’ll be making RetroAchievements for this, too :slight_smile:

Hopefully this version dies not have the ‘under flow’ issue the last one had!