Dark & Under II - Playable Demo Game

Thought I’d share a couple new screenshots of the work in progress:

As you are exploring the city (which will include various house templates)
You will come across “explorable” buildings…
Here, the city sewers, which will be one of our large dungeon…
These dungeons, unlike Dark & Under 1 will be comprised of various wall patterns, to allow for some in-dungeon variety. Here, what “blank” walls would look like:
or walls adorned with sewage drains…
…or again, piping…
Also featured, one of the many denizen of the place! :slight_smile:


Loving the art style! Can’t wait to explore that world! Did not expect any less from you. :+1::grinning:

Thanks! Really having a blast with this so far :slight_smile:

Why water in sewers above ground level (near the windows)? Where the water pump which takes wastes and rise them? And why the city uses this pump on wastes?

MAGIC! :slight_smile: (and because with that little pixels, you have to be expressionistic! ;))

“Why so smell in that city?”
“Great Mage rise sewers and risks to flood whole city in wastes because… uhh… he can do this!”

Windows? They are other drains emptying into the main sewer.

… thought this was a commentary on the state of a widely used consumer operating system …

Could be … not sure where those comments were going.

I wonder if there will be any turtles in this game :grin:

Wasn’t planning on it, but why not? would there be a reason/hidden joke/etc?

A wink to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :wink:

How did I missed that!!! Sold, there will be a “Rogue Turtle” wink wink! (We already have rats!)


Will there be mid-point transitions between screens? It may be typical of the genre, but I found it very disorientating when one screen jumps to the next…

@castpixel has an animated example here. Discussion and detail in this Twitter thread.

I will remind everyone up front to set expectations… 28k not 32k or 64k, just 28k :grinning:


I assumed you were streaming images from the FX chip? :sweat_smile:

with the way we have to slice images in order to prevent the 4 shade mode to flicker too much, it induces a lot of complexity in the asset breakdown - 1 wall set right now is about 49 files… Animating this would be a major headache, and lead to even more assets, for a very minimal graphic impact. So, nope, smooth transitions are not planned unless we can dramatically simplify the rendering process.

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I think @castpixel mentioned a code based solution in the thread… but appreciate it may not be viable…

the way we render our assets is wildly different: we render “slices” of screen VS the asset based technique shown in the twitter thread, so none of it applies in our case… The whole thing is very different from Dark and Under 1, because of the way we are handeling assets to be compatible with the 4 shades of grey approach…

I’m very very familiar with all the different ways to make assets for dungeon crawlers, I’ve made a bunch - but this case, for the Arduboy, is very different than the usual approach…


@Mr.Blinky Ask, and you shall receive…1 “ninja” turtle, 1…


and for good measure, an alligator, because, you know…sewers… :slight_smile: