Date issues with Discourse

I have notcied that on a number of threads that the dates are screwy,.

For example, the earliest post on the thread below is around the 15th Aug 2018 - yet the timeline on the right says Aug 2016. @pharap or @crait is there any housekeeping routines or rebuilds available that might sort this out?

On mobile, it does not show the year, so I am not able to double-check this until I get to a computer.

It doesn’t affect operation - just a little weird.

That 16 is the day, not the year.

The first post is listed for me as being posted at Aug 16, 2018 1:20am (hover over the ‘15d’ with your mouse and you get a tooltip stating the exact time and date).
I don’t know if that’s UTC or my local time, but if that’s my local time I’m currently UTC+1, so it would still be the 16th of August in UTC.

The timeline of this this thread says Aug 31:

And upon posting this, I’ve discovered that the tooltip time is local time, so it’s possible the timeline time is UTC time or something if you’re getting a tooltip time of Aug 15 for the afforementioned thread.

Right … well I was fooled! :slight_smile:

Good explanation @Pharap

Feel free to delete this entire thread (and save me the embarrassment !)