David Perrenoud's Devkit Clone

I have also done my own Arduboy compatible system with what I had on hand, to show it at my local “maker faire”, using a Pro Micro, an OLED 1.3", some buttons and a buzzer. Needless to say, children were super excited about it.

Below, you can find an image of the schematic and PCB.

If you want the Kicad source files, just send me an e-mail!


Really nice schematic! Btw I would like a kicad copy if that’s OK. Also, can you please send me a link to the website you got your spi screen? Or at least the name? Thanks!

Here is the newest schematic (v5), compatible with the retail Arduboy 1.0. I had added components in v2-v4 but removed them to have a very minimalistic style and easy soldering:

For the display, look for SSD1306 0.96" OLED screens on eBay or Aliexpress with the correct pinout. But sometimes you receive screens with the wrong diagonal (1.3"), PCB color, pixel color or pinout. Tell me if you find a more reliable source.


Yeah I’ve had the same problem from aliexpress lately and it’s been holding up my project. I hook everything up, turn it on and nothing comes on. But with my spi screen, I have scl and sda instead of DO and DI respectively. It says its compatible with IIC but I don’t want that.

I believe I have sorted the problem

Can you please send that CAD file

Note that @davidperrenoud’s board is wired as a DevKit. You’ll have to remap the pins if you want it to work as a production Arduboy.

Great job! :slight_smile:

Hi, can I ask you to submit a CAD file

If anyone still has interest after all these years here is an old backup of the old schematics, circuit board, photos and Gerber files. I managed to open them with a recent version of Kicad (6.0.4).

DIY Arduboy Kicad v5.zip (646.0 KB)

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