Dead pixel on Arduboy

Hi! I just received my 2 Arduboys and one of them has a dead pixel (Or at the very least a spec of dust that perfectly aligns with a pixel under the outer plastic and doesn’t move)

What should I do about this, is there a way to return it to be replaced?


Hey @cvandonderen, don’t hesitate to take a picture if you can, it might be helpful for future threads and reference. I’ve let Kevin (@bateske) know about this thread specifically, so I would expect a reply from him or Celine shortly. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply! In the attached picture it looks a lot like it is something between the pixels on the screen. Let me know if you need more details.


Huh, hard to say. It is possible to remove the case and make sure a piece of dust didn’t get in there when it was being assembled. Just use the right sized Phillips if you feel brave enough. We may just swap this unit out, let us know what you decide. :monkey: :wrench:

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I have some screwdrivers that fit somewhere, will check it in the afternoon after I get home and give an update :slight_smile:

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If it is a dead pixel, make a simple program to rapidly swap between black and white. Sometimes that fixes them.

Hey, from your image it almost certainly looks like some debris within or in-front-of the screen. If you can open it up and use some compressed air, hopefully you can get it out of there.

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Yay, it was indeed some dust, was very stuck to the inside of the cover. Fixed now.

Thanks for the replies!


Glad you got it sorted. Can’t wait for mine, but I ordered via the webstore so looking at a long wait. In the meantime I’m going to build a “hackduboy” so I can get started on the code

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