Debating whether or not to wait for arduboy2

Hey so I’m new to the community but I’ve been reading up on the forums for about a week now and I wanted to make an account to ask something that’s really been tugging at my heels. So I definitely want to get an arduboy at some point, but it seems like the arduboy 1.1 or 2 with the sd card will be something that is worth waiting for, seeing that I don’t have any arduboy yet. The wait seems more promising because if I wait I’d have a better experience and I’d also not have to spend money twice. It seems like Kevin has a lot of plans for the future and on the arduboy2 topic there are a lot of good ideas I’d like to see come to fruition. I don’t code but id like to learn but seeing as presently, all I’d be doing is playing games. Would it be best to just wait for another one to come out? And also how long will that be? I’m okay with waiting as long as waiting is worth it (which I think it will be) but also on team args website they have a lot of cool games but they are for a different type of arduboy system. I’m not sure what’s the best decision seeing as a I have a lot of options. Does anyone know when/ if there’s an estimated release date for the new arduboy?

If we use the example of Arduboy 1.0 to assess a best guess on a release for Arduboy 2.0, we would probably resolve that the time for that release could be m months, where 4 < m < ∞.

If you enjoy building from scratch, make sure to look at this post,

I would say if you want to learn C/C++ and draw things to a screen with little bootstrapping on the hardware end, then purchasing an Arduboy 1.0 is a good idea.

Sometimes, when it comes to learning, I like to get started ASAP if I’m after a concept. Other times I want to go through the entire process with no assistance and discover things for myself. You may have your own approach. Whichever way though, it’s best to just get started.

I wouldn’t personally wait on the Arduboy 2.0 if I wanted to start tackling some of the concepts, but it also doesn’t hurt to wait to place an order for the 1.0 until looking through the Github repository for Arduboy, and maybe seeing what it’s all about.

Maybe look at the community booklist and skim a copy from a library or online. You can also write C/C++ without the Arduboy and compile programs for you own machine using your console or terminal, but it is a tad more difficult to draw “images” using C/C++ to a screen without the Arduboy.


I don’t think that I would wait for an Arduboy2, I wait enough for the Arduboy long.


@Blackstripe Good point, I was reading about how everyone was growing impatient. I would be too, Arduboy looks awesome. Part of the reason I’m debating what to do.

@ekem Thanks for your reply, gives me somethings to think about. 4 months minimum of waiting is a long time but at the same time I feel like it would be worth it. Personally I’m an artist, I’m getting my BFA in a month and so although I have a lot of ideas conceptually, it would take me some time to learn basic coding to actually be able to execute any of my ideas. So on the coding end of the deal it seems to me like it’d be like a good idea to get the Arduboy1 and try learning the basics. But at the same time, I’m gonna be really busy with graduating and looking for a real job that I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to focus all of my attention on that. For right now my main reason for wanting an Arduboy is to play cool games on a small, easily portable device.
Also I was checking out the Team ARG website and looking at their games, and it seems to me that the coolest games (Dungeons, Pixel Fighter, Sky Knights) are not yet available for Arduboy and rather for Gamby. I’ve never really created a system so although I could probably learn, its not really something I have time for presently. I figure that Team ARG is probably going to work on getting those games working on Arduboy but for now it seems like what I’d be playing would be limited. Also another reason possibly to wait? It seems like with the SD card available a lot of people would be able to create a vaster variety of games. Yet I still value the simplicity of the current Arduboy.
Something though that I admire about this community is how even for the short time that I’ve been following whats happening, it seems to be expanding constantly. So I feel like maybe some of the things I expressed wont even be worth worrying about much longer. Are the games that on Team ARG which are ‘arduino-based’ going to be available on the arduboy in the future? Because if i can play those on the Arduboy1 than I’ll probably be sold.

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I’d sort of agree with your assessment. Do not ever quote that number of 4. I would much more likely use the other end of that value if quoting ekem on hardware stuff.

But, coming from an art background as well, I agree about space being essential, more times than not, to imparting an artistic vision as a piece of software (Although checkout the demoscene - wiki). With the space available now, it really is a treat for a programmer who enjoys procedural generation in logic or visual content, or just wants to get crafty with their programming, using some of the tricks found back in the day when space was limited on all systems.

It’s a fun unit, and I do recommend just browsing people’s source from time to time. That’s really the way to get the full benefit of the righteously intelligent community that orbits the Arduboy. You can walk through most of the source without a compiling it (especially if there are comments! :thumbsup: ), and this is because you can’t write monolithic 10k line programs yet. It’s sort of an unintended benefit to those learning atm. If we see an SD card, expect the complexity of programs and size start to increase pretty quick.

Also @Stubbyneck888, I should mention there are many, many programmers out there who maybe aren’t so confident or excited about the art end of their project, and maybe they just need a crafty artist to step in and drive the nail home to finish.

I’d recommend posting a ‘Services Offered’ post in the Classifieds section here perhaps? You never know, it might be a good way to get some art out there, see how things work if you have extra time in the day (whatever that is) and meet some interesting people from around the world.

I think the very fact that the possibilities of Arduboy are limited makes the device so interesting .
Many who had not previously programmed with do see the first examples and think I can do that , or : I also want to and I can not - as a hobby create .
Many are calling for more memory , by SD expansion - for a color screen and it seems to me you have the fascination of Arduboy not understood .

Also I have the program no idea, but I’ll start now with C and see how far I get - and who knows - maybe one day - is my dream of owning a game reality . I know what it is , how it should look , but not as I get to work there . The fun tinkering - is what makes this hobby . earned Did not make money with it or why is