(DELETE TOPIC) Tiny-Bert game for arduboy now available!

Delete all topic for abandon.
thanks! :wink:


Very cool classic game play! I added the emulator window to your post!


thank you so much! :+1:

This is a great tiny (con)version :+1: love it.


How good is this! I love it.

I have no clue what the objectives are or how to play,
but I have great appreciation for isometric graphics.

Isometry is hard.


Have you never played Q*bert? The object is to change the cubes to the same color by jumping onto them while avoiding baddies


I’ve always known of Qbert but never played it. I just started pushing buttons and figured out the gameplay pretty quick. Makes me think @pharap didn’t even try :laughing:

I’d never even heard of Q*bert until I watched Wreck-It Ralph several years ago.

I was expecting there to be more to it than just changing the floor colour by stepping on the cubes.

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Well there’s your problem.

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It’s like saying that I was expecting more than just a yellow thing eating pellets from Pacman. Classics are made out of simplicity sometimes. :wink:

Edit: and yes, I am a fan of Q-bert since I got my Q-bert coleco tabletop mini arcade when I was a child.

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Pacman’s more complex than Q*bert though.
Each of the four ghosts has a different AI algorithm which makes it .

I was at least expecting walking over the same tile twice to give some kind of penalty or something.


It seems the source code isn’t available?

All I can find is a .hex in a .zip.

On the original game there is many patterns to create and it’s by going multiple times on the same spaces. There was eggs falling down and a snake was hunting you down when and egg got to the bottom of the screen…

As for this game on the Arduboy, on later levels, going on an already switched space is switching it back so it becomes more like a puzzle.

Looks are deceiving :wink: try the Q*bert Arcade version

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That’s the sort of thing I was expecting to be in the instructions. :P

The colour switching back is more along the lines of what I was expecting,
that definitely adds a bit more difficulty.

Oh look, it has instructions at the start. :P

The snake definitely makes things more interesting.


IMO The purple Wrongway character is the most challenging, he jumps sideways on the cubes.

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I have not yet determined if I publish the source code!:face_with_monocle: And to answer a comment above, yes evolving in game it becomes a moment or if we go back on the cube it is reversed to increase complexity! We must not forget that the game were first written for attiny85. so game play a little limited.