Delivery of Kickstarter Education Package

Wondering when to expect the Kickstarter Education Packages to ship/arrive?

You can see in the updates on kickstarter that things are going a little slower than expected. We hope to start shipping units by the end of December so people should start getting them in January. We will be shipping in the order in which people backed so depending on your order it may be February or even March.

The materials for the lessons are still in development and will be published in situ as we develop them. We are planning on 10 lessons, which take you from no programming knowledge all the way to making a simple game.

After we get all the 10 lessons posted on here and have them vetted by the community, we will have them published in soft back and sent out to our education backers. Currently this doesnt have a hard schedule, but we hope to get it finished by January.

Iā€™m also planning on writing a few chapters about my experiences of going from prototype to product.

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