Design, Visuals and Packaging

Everybody here is so motivated and already doing stuff.
I really want to contribute but I have 0 idea about hardware, boot loader and the other magic spells you are talking about.

I’m not actually a coder but a graphic and UI designer and that’s the best thing I can contribute. So I created this list with things I think are relevant to come up with in near future. Don’t underestimate the work which has to be done here. These things can be very time consuming and tend to be poorly looking if done last minute. So as sooner we have results here, the better.

Visual identity

  • Product name - Arduboy FX
  • Updated logo
  • Mockups
  • Website update

Social Media

  • visuals for the different channels (header n stuff)
  • videos
  • scheduled postings

Kickstarter campaign (if there will be one)

  • Mockups
  • Product video
  • Campaign visuals like graphs, goals, etc.


  • Design
  • Preproduction
  • Postproduction

Launch Title Artworks

This is a nice to have but is very handy for Social Media, Packaging and the Campaign.
@2bitcrook maybe could help here out with his fantastic work!


We should finish the visual identity first. Almost all other points are dependent on this.


I’d like to point out that @luxregina is actually an arts professor,
and if @Vampirics makes it in he is also a very good artist.

And of course, if we have to scrape the bottom of the barrell, I can do ‘art’.
(I am required to put ‘art’ in inverted commas or the guild of genuine artists will sue me for slander. :P)

(Also I’m really terrible at resisting the urge to offer to contribute stuff.)


I’m digging Arduboy FX, it makes sense because of Flash Expansion, and also the FX chip from the super nintendo.


This is the design aesthetic. I mean theoretically it’s kind of the direction I’ve gone with the website a bit anyways. download


I like the idea of emphasizing the FX, I kind of like the idea of it just being known the FX.


Amazing, so many talented people! Let’s ask them if we decide what we actually need.

I love it too. We need a final decision here.

Haha i like it, i can work with this.

Anime weeb. :joy:

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Ironically I’ve only ever watched about 5-10 anime series.

It’s an art style that influences a lot of game series.
(Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, Disgaea, the ‘Tales of’ series, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, etc).

Also I can’t do realism. Realism bores me.
I have flashbacks to being made to draw fruit at school. :P


Gonna throw this idea out there:

Arduboy FX 16-Seg Logo

Just in case anyone thinks shoving FX onto the end of the existing logo might be a bit predictable.

I didn’t make the font, I took it from open clip art. It’s in the public domain.
I did recolour it from red to yellow and I did make the blank character.
(There wasn’t one already available.)

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I’m not sure about the arduboy logo but I do kinda dig the 16 segment FX

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And add a decimal point after FX. ? and Fluorecent blue/green like on VCRs ? :smiley:

Hmm visual novel / Interactive vision. Imagening Arduboy Island with a funky ATMlib tune right now :smile:

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Please dear jesus someone make an adventure game for arduboy. Kings quest 7 was my jam dude. My freaking jam.

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Haha I’m not an artist, can’t draw :wink:

Visually I’m not a fan of this sorry. :upside_down_face:

Imo beeing predictable isn’t a bad thing. Alternating the typography between the word to get this rebelish 80s/90s look is great.

A very quick mockup:


Cool. That looks like from an old nintendo spot. :star_struck: like this

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I’ll let you off because your logo design has purple in it. :P

I’m really tempted to mention one of my secret projects, but I’m going to resist the urge.

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Love the direction. I’d suggest working on vertical alignment of the FX as well as making sure a single-color version of the logo looks good, then apply the effects. (Pun intended.)



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Bringing all on one baseline is not a must for me, but I’m open to everything. I think the misplacement gives it this rebelish touch.

Of course! That’s one of the rules of logo design :slight_smile:

I can keep working on stuff but I want a definitive go from @bateske here. I’m afraid to waste time on this if there are already other ideas in his mind. He already made a good moodboard so I believe to know what he wants. But this will have an influence on almost everything else to come design wise so I think we should discuss this together.

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I think offsets typically look best when what’s being offset is either larger or smaller than the base text. If we wanted to really show it off as a different model, we’d want to make that ‘FX’ HUGE. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have access to my computer right now, but making the FX large and partially behind the ‘ARDUBOY’ may be cool, similar to this convention.



So you’re just mentioning it to tease us? Hmm … is it kawaii themed?