Developer kit skins

I printed out an overlay that would fit over the Dev Kit. the idea is to paste it on top of the dev kit to change the appearance and maybe enhance the experience.

for instance an adhesive vinyl cut to size. and in-between the D-pad and sticker, place some sort of structure in the shape of a cross, that way when you press down on it feels more like a D-pad.

unfortunately the one i printed came out too big to use :frowning:

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Great idea! Is there a DK case at all?

Unfortunately no, and no official plans on making one from Bateskey. Dev Kits are just meant to just be bare minimum for creating and testing.

Gotcha, I wish there was a 3d printed one available.

We have got plans to make a little case soon, want to get kickstarter production up and running first.

The idea is to do something like the case for the TeenageEngineering PO1

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Is it really necessary? There were only a few hundred dev kits made, right?

Lol is Arduboy itself very necessary? It’s fun!