Developer Kits For Sale [Soon]

Dev Kits! Get your Dev Kits!

A recent discovery of old inventory has unearthed several rare samples of the origonal developer kits! These one of a kind collectors edition developer kits will go on sale very soon!

We will be testing out a new store and purchase will be able to made by paypal. These will ship directly from Portland which means international shipping will be pretty expensive. We will try this out and see how it goes!

Let us know your excitement or questions here!

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where when how i HAVE to have one!

and can i pay with a credit card?

excitement? off the charts, i didnt think it would be possible for me to EVER get one as i doubt anyone who had one would part with it

Want my old one? What good are they? Haven’t touched it since I got actual hardware.

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We see them as electors editions, keepsakes or just pieces of circuit board art for those who are into that kind of thing. Because we only have a few of them left and I’m still sort of emotionally attached to them they will be priced at a premium. Mostly we are just testing the store out :slight_smile:

what is a “premium” and when is soon? (so i can have cash in my account ready to go the second they are available)

Oh Yeah!!! I’ll have one

hi kevin
what a brilliant idea!
i am ready to purchase some of them
i loooove dev kits
keep me posted!
yours truly
jean pierre

@Dreamer3 I haven’t used mine since either, but I still love it! Maybe I’ll frame it haha

i still played games on my nes even after emulators became a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

no actualy emulators are NOT illegal, the only thing that IS illegal in regard to them, is downloading games you dont already own

the odds of anyone caring anyway is slim to none, but unless the game in question specifically forbids a “back up copy” then there is no law agenced it

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Long story short:
@Linkedhacksource Emulators aren’t illegal.
@curly ROMs are illegal, whether you own the original game or not.

Let’s forget emulators for now or this will spiral off into some great debate about the legality of emulators.


Tried to order a 1st Edition but I got this:

“Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.”

Bummer. What happened?

$104? seriously

thats like 175 pounds of coffee i gota pick

Haha wow I haven’t even posted the link. the price right now is only because I’m setting up the site

@senkun @curly how did you find them?

(is it on mobile? I think it shows up on mobile…)

p.s. we are gonna reduce the price.

After viewing your shopping cart, there’s a link that leads you back to the store, which is located here:

Feel free to delete this post.

haha didn’t know the link wasn’t supposed to be up yet and nice to know that you’re gonna reduce the price, I was all ready to make the purchase because you know I love you, I mean Arduboy, then again you were supposed to legally change your name to Arduboy, if I remember correctly.

I can’t retrace what I did to get to the link but I think it was a simple google search for “arduboy store” or something.

I really want the 1st edition, maybe if I can raid the cookie jar without getting caught I’ll plonk for both 1st and 2nd editions…

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Way too much for me

How much would people want to pay for the Dev kit?


i didnt look untill @senkun mentioned wwhat he did, at that point i imediatly checked the buy now page when that failed, i went to the next obvious option , if I was making a store page thats what id call it,

im buying one off another member on the forum, i cant wait/ dont want to take the risk of not getting one as according to that page there are only 7 to be had

the price i agreed to with said member who is selling me his is $50 plus shipping for used, though that is what i would expect to pay for new, im impatient so dont mind spending the same for a used one now

(and if i CAN ill still try to buy one or two from you, just a matter of if i can catch it at the right time)

Well I think 50.00 for a dev kit would suffice