Developers wanted!

Calling Arduboy Developers!

Here at Arduboy Magazine we have a reoccurring article about interviews with developers and we need more developers to interview! Drop a reply on this post or DM us on here or on our twitter to be interviewed. Guaranteed to be featured.

Update on the publishing rota also, we are now publishing tri-monthly because of commitments that me and our volunteer contributors have come across since starting our venture on this magazine.


One thing I’ve always wondered: who wrote Microcard’s Tetris? Would it be possible to interview them?


Are they the same set of questions?

I’m pretty sure there are people who have been interviewed before that would be happy to be interviewed again, but don’t offer because they’re expecting the same set of questions (and for a number of those, the answer doesn’t change).

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I tried to offer up an interview once, but didn’t get a reply haha. I’d do an interview for the magazine.


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