Developing for Arduboy using Eclipse

Hi guys,

I know there is the Arduino IDE available but has anyone experience in developing in Eclipse too?

Some googling showed me that there are some plugins for connecting using an AVR plugin (

It would be interesting for me as the tools we are selling are static and dynamic code analysis tools for C and C++ code which also come with an Eclipse plugin.

I’m waiting for my Arduboy and don’t have any other AVR controllers yet. Maybe someone has already tried using Eclipse and can tell me if it’s good, better, worse than the ‘original’ Arduino IDE.

Thanks and greetings


I’m even coding in Sublime Text …
I do now the guy who made one of the Arduino for Eclipse plugin though:

Arduboy has no special needs other then it being a Leonardo based board

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thanks for your reply.

I’m mainly developing Python in Notepad++ (on Windows) so I know it can be held simple :wink:

The main reason why I want to test Eclipse is that we can run our dynamic code analysis on targets (in this case the Arduboy ). And that would be an interesting demo for the customers.

I will take a look at that Arduino Plugin when I got my Arduboy.

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