Developing mini/micro games for the Arduino

Hi, I’m new to programming, only tinkerd about with some arduino and leds and some screens.

But I was wondering, is it possible to come up with a team and make some awesome minigames in collaboration. I’ve modded my Pokemon Mini yesterday with an backlit screen. And made me think… these games are just great to develop (from scratch) for Arduboy with it’s own theme. Pokemon Mini was a tiny Nintendo console with interchangeable cartiges (

I’m good at graphics and pixelart, so I can contribute with game idea’s (borrowing heavy from pokemon mini lol) and all the bitmap artwork. And how I wish I can program some.


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Working on the game Frisky Tom (Pipeline). Well at least the ‘artwork’ for it.


Pipeline!!! nice I forgot about that game that could work out great! :smiley: