Development Kits [Rev 1]

Information about the Dev Kit Rev 1

Based on:

Dev Kits in the Wild:


Assembled according to the “Old Wiring” (Thanks @filmote)


How to change what is on the carts:

Instruction Video from @Cheungbx


Technically they could do multiplayer when the flash cart is not connected as the Rx and Tx signals are broken out.

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Yeah that mod can be detailed later once I’ve got some testing done

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Sent you a PM with address

How close are the kits to being built?

They’re still in transit. @Kevin should get them late this week/early next week then they need to be assembled.

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I got them, but I need to get the perfboard. I went to frys, just to see how much they were and it was $25 for one, so I’m gonna go ahead and order it online.


Ok got the perfboard, but I seem to have lost the charger to my cordless dremel tool, and it’s too old and they changed the battery design so now I have to buy a new dremel tool :skull:


How are the dev kits coming?

Also, @Mr.Blinky how will we compile sketches for FX? Will we need a custom LD script to align the binary to match the paging scheme? Has anyone successfully gotten a paged game compiled and loaded yet?


With a library preferably.

No. Program code will only reside in the Atmega. it is not possible to directly execute code from external flash memory. the external flash is to store program data only.

When more program space is needed for program code. The sketch could be written as a multipart game where a next part could be loaded (burned) seemlessy when a part is completed. Care should be taken that no swapping back and forth between parts is prevented to prevent flash wear.

Hope this makes sense (still gooey in my head from flu recovery)

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So basically we write the sketch and use the provided library. Calls to the library are given addresses into external pages. The sketch itself has no idea these external pages exist, it just knows it magically got some data back from this magical function? The sketch, for the most part, won’t have any PROGMEM data as that ideally lives in external pages, but I suppose PROGMEM in the sketch doesn’t hurt anything.

It sounds like we’ll need tools to convert data into pages? Like take a pile of pngs, convert them into the format drawBitmap wants, then bundle them into a page. We’d probably then need to write the addresses in the page that we care about out into something that gets compiled into the main sketch?

Ugh, sorry to hear that :frowning: Hope you feel better. FWIW none of this is urgent or anything, just trying to get an understanding of how we’ll ultimately dev FX games.


Yes some script tool that converts resource data into a binary and creates an C++ include file.

Thanks hopefully bright enough again for the weekend to get some stuff done again.

Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve got to buy a new dremel tool to cut the perf board to size.

I had considered just soldering the chip to the board. At this point I probably could have had the flex circuit mods made.

Hopefully get them out next week.

Also I want to just make a PCB dev kit and release it like the original dev kit form


If you get those brown/yellowish bakelite perfboards. you can ‘precut’ them slightly with a knife and then break them on the edge of of a table/workbench. then do some little filing/sanding to get rid of rough edges. you could also just use a small metal saw if that doesn’t work for you.

Yes! I’m in for some PCB porn :smiley:

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Maybe I should just heck off with all this launch hype and branding etc and just make some dev kits and put them on sale on the site.

Maybe I’ll make them expensive on the site and email coupons to previous customers.

Then when there is enough games that support it and enough developers sign on to launch the kickstarter then.

That approach might kill the momentum we have going at the moment. Although I would love to buy a dev kit board like the original Arduboy, it will all take time. I think a deadline will get us into action …

BTW if anyone has an original dev kit they would like to sell, I am still looking for one.


So do I :slight_smile:

Curious why you’re thinking that?

I think this group of people has the potential to make an awesome launch set of games. @2bitcrook is kicking ass on Tackle Box and I think it’s going to turn out great. I think this next Arduboy has great potential.


I dunno I just like selling stuff, the dev kits could be reissued, they are a cool format. They are also very cheap to produce (sorta, it’s expensive because I only make a few hundred at a time). But without the case, batter and packaging it makes it more of a commodity item.

I’m even thinking of making it this time without the coin cell holder and power switch, you just plug it into micro usb and it turns on.

How much time and money would that take in comparison to the current approach of sending a select team of 12 people an ad hoc device?
And how many new games could you guarantee through that approach versus the current approach?

Personally, I think having an organised team of select people is a better approach while the library is still in development.

I believe that if you open up development to everyone before the library has been created, tested and revised then you end up with the same situation as before - an ‘Arduboy’ library, an ‘ARGLib’ library and an ‘Arduboy2’ library (and possibly others that went unpublished) all vying for control, and as a result of that there’s more legacy code to support.

Granted, it allows a larger number of experienced programmers to get involved,
but sometimes when it comes to programming too many cooks spoil the broth.
I find programmers (and perhaps game developers for that matter) work better as small teams of people who are aware of each other’s capabilities.

I don’t know how others would feel about this,
but my Arduboy rarely leaves my desk, so this would suit me fine.

You have devkit or you’re looking for one?

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