Development Kits [Rev 1]

The register that stores the address in flash is only 16-bits wide. It can’t address anything beyond 64kb. >_<


:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face: I have purchased a lot of fun stuff from the internet, lately… Old game systems and forgotten handheld systems from the 90’s and early 2000’s. I can’t wait to dedicate more time to this.

How is it going? Any new developments?


I have a second one done, who wants it?

@filmote has one already :smiley:

Wouldn’t hurt if I had one. I am a taker if it’s not gone already.


I’ll put my hat in but for @city41 to have it. If it’s not too late.

We’re kind of stuck at the moment twiddling our thumbs so if not this one the next one would be splendid to have =].

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He has … and it turned up late last week. Pretty sexy.


I am doing this


Installed c:\users\lightblue\appdata\local\programs\python\python37-32\lib\site-packages\pyserial-3.4-py3.7.egg
Processing dependencies for pyserial==3.4
Finished processing dependencies for pyserial==3.4



@Mr.Blinky Can you do me a favor and make me a fork of the bootloader that defaults to bringing you to the menu even if a game has been flashed? This is for deployment on a system where you don’t have easy access to the reset button. :blush:

Or point me in the direction of the edit I’d need to make? I’m going to think about the user experience now. I think I want to sell the experience of like walking into an arcade, that’s what turning an an Arduboy should feel like.

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Here’s a hex file that always powers up with the bootloader.

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Damn left it at the office will have to try on monday. Does it have the progress bar? :smiley:

No magic blue smoke yet.

Is there a script I could run that would stress test the eeprom?

Yes it does :slight_smile:

Good! does the chip get warm?

just loop in a batch-file flashing different files. you can easily create some 8MB random files here

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How much code space would it take to scroll through the images in the bootloader instead of just displaying them? Using hardware scroll would be efficient but it’s too slow from what I remember.

Is there the FMV example available for the flashcart or was that just done over usb?

I can only tell for sure after coding it. It has to be 4 directional. scrolling 8 pixels at a time will be convenient. So does using another 1K buffer for seemless scrolling.

Sorry but I’m not getting the question.

Apparently FMV means [full motion video](Full motion video), so I think @bateske means video streaming from the flash cart.

I’m guessing it’s referring to the bad apple video:

(Though as far as I can tell only chamekan did that.)

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I saw the kickstarter video was playing on one at some time?

Ah right! @bateske

The example sketch can be found here

But it only works atm from within a built flash image. Here’s an example flash image.

atm I’m working on the flash-writer Python script to add the developer write options and also modifying the cart library for develop time use.

When you pick up an arduboy it’s probably just to kill a little bit of time and play whatever game it is on it. I don’t think it’s so bad to just turn it on then press A to play whatever game was previously loaded on it.

Yeah to see the menu when you press reset is nice, but how many times do you have an Arduboy gaming session where you sit and flip through several games? My guess is that most people just play one game in any given setting, and the use case is minimal that just flipping it off and back on again is OK.

The only time I don’t agree with this is when you FIRST get the device OR when you are showing it to someone else. Because you want to be like, hey look what are all these cool games lets flip through them real fast. I don’t like losing that experience, because it is for sure cool. Like @Mr.Blinky said after adding the progress bar it’s fun to just sit there flashing new games.

But beyond the novelty it’s hard to come up with the $10k or more to modify the mold and I don’t really have a good mechanical solution for the new button anyhow.

You can remove the reset switch from your BOM list as it’s not needed as a fail safe anymore with the new bootloader.

But I hope when you’re working on a new PCB you can add a tactile switch footprint so users can ‘hack’ their Arduboy by adding a tactile switch and drill a small hole in the front case for a menu button :slight_smile:

Yes, the reset button on the cart itself is just great. To have that on a future arduboy would make a lot of sense.