Development Kits [Rev 1]

It’s not going to happen.

:frowning:   Pity.

I’d need to produce at least 5,000 more units for it to make sense and I just don’t see that happening.

If this new device goes to a Kickstarter campaign, what is a realistic quantity? How many were produced for the first Kickstarter?

So, I have a lot of Arduboy still in stock now from the last production batch. The plan is to do a campaign where I sell a mod chip for users who already have an Arduboy and feel comfortable soldering. Then I’ve arranged where the factory can open up the packages in inventory and do the upgrade so that the campaign will be selling what are factory upgraded Arduboys.

I think it’s probably fair to assume that another campaign on that would be about as successful as the Arduventure campaign. But even then it might not even fully deplete the current Arduboy inventory.

If for some reason it did, and the campaign did between 5 and 10k units, then a reset button redesign could be a stretch goal.

Well I’ve added some scroll left code in 58 bytes now :slight_smile:
Tweaked several parts to free ram for the additional 1K scroll buffer and also removed the breathing RGB LED as it was only active on the title screen.

Still need to add scroll right. But scrolling horizontally at 8 pixels per frame at 60 fps
works quite good. I also tried 4 pixel and 16 pixel but then it’s too low and too fast.

Wondering if I should add vertical scrolling. The lower vertical resolution will make it scroll twice as fast and it’s more difficult for the eyes to read/view vertically

Here’s the test bootloader for anyone to try.

Edit: removed obselete link


YESSSS, yeah vertical scrolling for the lists. Oh man so good.

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It’s weird to think that you actually have hands.
I literally imagine you as a floating red ghost that manipulates computers and machine parts with your mind.

(* Says the technopathic disembodied skull. *)

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HaHa, Thanks!

I can control this one lemming with hands though :wink:

When I read disembodied skull, I have to think about Murray.

Vertical for the lists? and horizontal for the games? wondering if I should change the button controls then.

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Sorry, I meant vertical scrolling “through” the lists. Keep the buttons the same just animate the vertical scroll too oh man I’m so excited.

That reminds me, I really must put aside an hour to finish the last chapter of Tales of Monkey Island.
(And start one of the other games in the series.)

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Someone make an adventure game for Arduboy I will buy you a pizza.

I’ve now also implemented right scrolling :slight_smile:

Still confusing. the Left and right buttons control list selection and they currently scroll right/left respectively.

The up/down buttons control game selection. so it’s logical to scroll through them vertically. Since there’s no vertical scroll (yet) up will scroll left and down will scroll right atm.

I was able to free some more space. by removing the button debounce/repeat code. The scrolling animation made that obselete. Also did some more optimizing. So there may just be enough code for some vertical scrolling. But have to save that for another day.

New bootloader with left/right scrolling can be grabbed from here!

Edit: removed obselete link

Yes, this I am just too excited.

Going to the office tomorrow and maybe I can test some of this out, but may have to be Tuesday, I want to film an advertisement for the sale tomorrow.

Yes, its hard to get excited about changing the design of the product if you have a bunch of them in stock to move. The ‘two for one’ approach that you are spruiking on the other thread may help move some. :slight_smile:

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So I’ve been playing with the scroll code again adding up scrolling. Unfortunately scrolling 8 pixels at 60fps is too hard on the eyes to follow the screenshots and scrolling 8 pixels at 30 fps was just too jerky to watch. Not worthy of showing a video of that at all. So I wrote some 4 pixel scroll up code. Which is more to my liking :grin:

Need to shuffle some code for the down scrolling but it looks it’s gonna fit. Gonna save that for another moment though as I’m kind out of programming ooze :crazy_face: and just want to play with the menu now :smile:

bootloader hex file

Edit: removed obselete link


Dude this is so good, I really think this sells it.

I think this, with some custom made tiles for the games potentially with some kind of format or overlay to them, or at least the “genre” screens.

The first screen that loads up, that’s what needs the most work. I need to think what do I want people to see every time they turn on the Arduboy.

@JO3RI had made this for the microcard back when it still had a second processor:

And that aesthetic is closer to what I want but, obviously wouldn’t work as such in a bootloader. I just like the feeling like there is a little world inside the machine.

EDIT: Watching this now I realize that this was like the harbinger because actually as they rolled off the factory line like this they were NOT OK. :frowning:

I am really keen to get one of these ‘2 processor’ units and load a certain war game on it. Do you have any available?

I produced 1,000 units without screens or batteries, but the design did not have series resistors on the SPI line which was the cause for the unpowered chip to experience latchup by backfeeding on the SPI lines. Something that didn’t occur in any testing because basically I had been using breadboards or wires which apparently added enough resistance to mask the problem. I wasn’t able to accurately diagnose the problem until months later but in the meantime there were too many deadlines I was against so all of those units were scrapped and it went as a Tetris only product.

So, no, don’t have any.

Although, I do have the molds. Maybe could just put the Arduboy guts in there. Maybe that’s something to do. Enough people have asked for it that I bet I could move at least a thousand units in a kickstarter. Might be funny to color that one pink and call it Ardugirl.

That actually could allow Arduboy and Ardugirl to exist at the same time, just one is rotated.

That must have been totally frustrating!

I will buy one (or three). I would even lend you a game to install on it if your are interested.