Development Kits [Rev 2]

This thread will be for the technical discussion pertaining to the design, production, and use of development kit revision number 2.

The concept is to build all of the components into one working circuit board that can be mass produced same as the Development Kit for the original Arduboy.


I have prepared this hypothetical and top secret image of what the dev kit 2 could look like with a hopeful and hypthetical sponsorship with


I only just sent them an email now, let’s cross our fingers they are hopeful. It will actually be awesome if I get them on board, because maybe I can go to Atmel and get them “on board” too.

I’ll be ditching the battery so it will only work while plugged into USB. The ground and vcc pins pads will be exposed on the back so if you want to attach a battery you can do that too but you’ll need your own charging circuit.

Any other feedback is welcome at this time!

EDIT: Oops forgot to move the usb connector to the middle on the back side!


Nice. I want one.

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That looks sexy!

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I need one too.

This would be another example with some different sponsors:



I’l take one of those too!


I asume you mean Microchip as Atmel is now part of Microchip.

Will it get a RGB LED and Rx and Tx LEDs too ?

Request: Please use a standard 2x3 0.1" spaced through hole ICSP header. It would make it easier to upgrade bootloader.

Request: Could there be a reset button?

Will there be a 3V voltage regulator or will everything be powering at 5V ?

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I am not sure what the black rectangle above the A and B button are … but is there a speaker?

My only request would be some kind of acknowledgement for the people who’ve been involved in the development.

@Mr.Blinky at a minimum, as many of ‘Team Falcon’ as will fit as an ideal.

Like on the Arduventure boards:

I believe that’s the FX chip.


It’s an SMD (Surface Mount Device) Piezo speaker.

I assume the black chip inline with the micro USB is supposed to be the FX chip.

That would be nice. But it may not be what the sponsers want.

I like the Microchip DigiKey mockup. Gives it a profesional vibe.

I didn’t noticed it until now: ALPS buttons FTW :smiley:

Fun fact: the reset button on the flash carts are original ALPS tactile buttons.

I stand corrected.

I thought that was for decoration.:P

Microchip I could understand, but I’d be surprised at Hackster not wanting to give credit where credit is due.

Either way I’d be disappointed.
Without people giving up their spare time to help out the FX wouldn’t be where it is.

On a completely non-serious note,
has anyone considered asking Mr Trump if he’s willing to give us “a small loan of a million dollars”? :P

Maybe ask Mr. Musk instead? Free Arduboy with each Tesla and Arduboy will get to space :smiley:


Prepare your disappointment, I will not be writing everyone’s names on the pcb, there will be other opportunities for credit. My plan is to put the names within the “first run” video that plays when users turn on the device for the first time.

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Or perhaps “a free insulted cave diver with every Arduboy”? :P

Seriously though, it’s a shame that’s not an option.
Both Tesla and SpaceX are pretty cool companies.

I know someone who would probably buy a SpaceX Arduboy just because I says ‘SpaceX’ on it. (Probably.)

I am disappointed and yet unsurprised.

We will all regret it when @Mr.Blinky’s signature is worth $100. :P


I’m willing to accept sponsorship from any company that wants on board lol.

Initial feedback from hackster is good, going to speak with the co-founder on monday! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Going to speak with the co-founder tomorrow! (Thursday)

I guess I’ll put a small reset button on the dev kit, the first one didn’t have one and you had to use a wire or paperclip. I’m gonna look for the smallest surface mount button I can find.

Not sure why it is $1 but I like that it is extremely small!

Components are placed on the board just need to do the routing.

EDIT: This one is a little bigger and half the price:


If you prefer digikey, how about this one?

Doesn’t matter. Both are orders of magnitude more expensive than shopping in Huaqiangbei. I’ve been spoiled. If I was in the markets, and wanted maybe 10 of these I could very easily ask for them as samples. The vendor would likely be insulted if I tried to pay for such a small quantity, it’s happened a number of times. Come back and buy several thousand, is what they want.

And of course I could touch, feel, smell and taste every component under the sun to find just the right one.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to make this a 1 layer design like I did the first dev kit… but I didn’t think it would bother me this much!

I’ve considered doing a 4 layer board but… it costs twice as much… but actually without blind/buried vias then the bottom layer would have a bunch of dots on it anyways so… yeah.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how important is the aesthetics of trace routing on a PCB to you?

  • 1 Not important
  • 2 Just a little bit important
  • 3 I have no strong feelings either way
  • 4 Medium important
  • 5 The most important

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Maybe I should route it completely abstract, turn off the grid and use freeform trace routing. Kinda like they used to be done by hand with a projector and photo resist.

Lol I want to do this, but I realized if I’m trying to get it sponsored people might look at me funny… :smile: