Device Warranty

Is there any warranty on the device itself? My ‘A’ button has started to become unresponsive. My niece started complaining that the button wasn’t working and it was making her die in the game. After testing it, it appears it still sort of works if pressing the button upwards at the same time it is pressed. I’m afraid the button will go out completely soon.

The device barely has any use at this point, very concerning if it cannot survive a few months with light usage. I remember the kickstarter talking about the durable design, so I’m hoping that claim is supported by at least basic warranty?

Update: it seems to be back to working pretty reliably. I wonder if something just got knocked out of place or something. Pressing the button at any angle seems to be working again. Hopefully it continues to work well.

Update2: Now that button only appears to work when pressed with a good amount of force. When pressing just enough for it to feel pressed, the device will not respond. More pressure needs to placed on the button for it to work.


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