Diamonds - A breakout/puzzle game - 1st Kyuran game

v0.1 of my first Arduboy games is ready.

Diamonds is a mix between a breakout game and a puzzle game.
Original game was released on HP48 more than 20 years ago (yes… Already 20 years…).

50 puzzles to complete. More and more challenging.

Enjoy & comment.



Your music score contains 6 parts but ArduobyPlaytune will only play the first two. The data for 4 of the parts is just wasted space

Do you said that by looking for the song array (in resources.h) - maybe with the header - or with the midi file ?
I don’t use the entire midi file. I cut the array and add the 0xe0 byte to repeat the song :slight_smile:


I am a simple person: if is related to HP calculators, I click like.

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Yes, I looked at the song[] array in resources.h

Commands to start a note begin with 0x9 and commands to end a note begin with 0x8. The lower nybble of the command is the channel to use:

0x90 play a note on channel 0
0x91 play a note on channel 1
0x80 stop playing the note on channel 0
0x81 stop playing the note on channel 1

ArduboyPlaytune will only use channels 0 and 1. Start note commands 0x92 and higher, and stop note commands 0x82 and higher, will be ignored.

You can use the -cn option with midi2tones to only process certain channels. -c3 will extract only channels 0 and 1.

You can also try the -s1 and -s2 options with midi2tones to see if they do a better job of extracting the desired parts.

Are you able to shoot a video ?

Ok. Thanks again. I’ll make the changes for the next version :wink:

But not today.

I’ll try to get the serial output of screen mirroring to a video.

PS. Eendracht maakt macht !

@redbug schitterend ! We need to talk … tomorrow :wink:

Video has been added

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When you want :slight_smile:

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Was the HP48 version this hard? (at least the first stage is quite hard for 1st stage)

Yes. It even runs quicker :slight_smile:

Nice work Diamonds !

I’m SunHp (Older HP48 asm game maker) and also senior software engineer.
Would you think possible to build a port of one of my HP48 games? Feel free if you would!

Best regards,
Julien Meyer

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