Dice of Fate - Seventh TEAM a.r.g. game


This is our seventh game for Arduboy. This one was made by @JO3RI and art by Castpixel.

Here you have a video:

Manual, media, download and technical are all on our website:


Looks really nice! You should consider adding coins in too.

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@GERD thanks ! Could you explain, what that should do ?

Or did you mean like: heads or tails ?

Exactly, heads or tails

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Good idea: “Coins of Fate” :slight_smile:

Or just call it a two-sided die and add it to the current game ; )

@JO3RI, I think @GERD is asking for the app to have a random number generator (a die) for just 2 values, this could come in handy for some tabletop games.

From the D&D subreddit, Ending a Game on a Coin Flip.

Keep in mind @GERD, when you get your Arduboy, you can modify the source code for this game and add in the features you would like. If you use Github and fork the official repository for this game, then @Jo3ri will be able to use your changes if he so desires. At least other people will be able to use your forked version if they would like.

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@ekem sounds like a great idea for an early project!


nice idea software. and beautiful dice on OLED.

i bet. next version is a gamebook support. :slight_smile:

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it’s going to happen :wink:


@GERD we added in the coin ! I switched the video in the top post and you can download the game via the same link. The only difference is, that it’s version 1.5 now.

edit: I forgot to change the banner, so I fixed it :wink:


We just re-released our dice sim for arduboy “Dice of Fate” with 2 new dice: d10 and d100

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I really like this. Its clever, and shows that there are useful applications beyond gaming… well… gaming on the device itself that is!

I remember playing with some of these dice in middle school before class… And then, there was also magic cards…

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