Did I buy the right OLED?

That’s expensive do you know any other sellers?

Not 100% but it says SSD1306 and SPI.



hi, I’m not sure if this is the right thread… but how can I connect the SH1106 IIC (with four pin) to the 3.3V Arduino compatible Pro Micro HCDVBD0024?

You would have to edit the Libary.

The 3.3V Pro Micro runs at 8MHz instead of the 16MHz that the Arduboy runs at. Many Arduboy games won’t be able to run at full speed with an 8MHz clock.

Both the I2C display and an 8MHz Pro micro are not really suitable for making an Arduboy clone. With a lot of effort can get a maximum framerate of 15 fps out of it which is too slow for most games.

However if you’re just looking for a way get it to work with your Arduino then you may wanna check this out

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Hi MrBlinky,

(writing you via multible channels to increase my chance)

I’m writing this post you in order to learn something more about 96x96 screen, I bought the screen with IC SSD1329 as same as you mentioned “https://youtu.be/cqxtg_TaXj0”, because of its retro look. you connected succesfully, but I can not. Board of screen has GND, 3V3, RS, MOSI, SCK, CS terminals and D/C is missing.

Could you help/share schematic the connections of 96x96 screen and arduino.

I used different screens my modified arduboy (I made my own, If you interest, I can summerize later, keywords: sd card arduboy and gamebuino games “2in 1”, different screens, IR remote game pad etc.)

Thanks for your help.

This may help $12 Arduboy compatible system

Try connect D/C to RS (Register Select)