Did I get lucky, or is # printed on the KS Arduboys the same on all of them?

Hey All,

I’ve been following Arduboy since the Kickstarter went live, and earlybird backed as soon as I saw some of the demos. I got my device today…and it says 1 of 10,000 on the back.

I wasn’t the first backer, so did I just get super lucky on choosing blue? Out of all of the items I’ve kickstarted or bought that were limited run, I’ve never ended up with #1. I’m enjoying the device and think it’s cool either way, but wanted to check if there was a printing error (Where we’re all 1 of 10,000), or if I actually got that lucky.

Excited to mess around with it more, and maybe learn the Arduino language to try building something. Also here’s hoping someone eventually throws out the Tetris ino from the kit once it comes out.

Everyone is #1, congrats.

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For reference

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Ha, ok. It’s just saying it’s 1 of an allotment of 10k, then? That makes more sense. Still awesome either way.

Ah, I never noticed it says 1 of not “#1 of”.

It should have said:
One of 10000

And here I thought I literally got the first one too xD

EDIT: I also have the blue one

Maybe the tech is so far advanced we all have the same one. It’s just literally in multiple places at the same time.


hey guys! im waiting for my order to arrive in april, since i only preorded it…
i hope that my two arduboy are going to be the “first one made” both!
sorry is my first post ! i was looking, if there is a video of people doing programming tutorials for arduboy and i got here.

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Yup, Mine is 1 of 10,000 would be nice to see them serialized tho…

Glad to have it :slight_smile: very well designed… maybe a liiitle thicker than I was expecting, but not bad at all.

Thinking of doing a hobby version of land of devastation on this little thing… might work out well. no time to get detailed, I have a job. at least the mapping system, different storyline. think something like a pokemon RPG, but in the future, and in space. ur quan would be good too.

Trinary for the display is going to be… weird for data compression… it’s got enough processing power I can just stream the bits in (four bit permutations, three possible “colors” of on, off, blit) if I get into space issues. 32k isn’t a lot of space to work with :slight_smile:

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What’s the “blit”? And yes it seems most people hit the flash limit before the RAM or CPU limits. Although smart coding can give someone a lot more runway in the flash.

It’s when you use boolean operations on several image sources to generate your final image.

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Right, I just didn’t understand the meaning of a “blit” bit… would it be an XOR bit vs the 0 and 1 being OR operations?

We just had some fun with this, and figured they would be more valuable with the edition print. It’s not a numbering scheme or a serial number unfortunately. For some time I actually considered to number everyones unit according to backer number, but the logistics of keeping track of all that, and the annoyance if we got it wrong… decided it’s better to leave that to ferrari’s and bugattis.

However, in the future we are looking at serializing special editions! So stay tuned! And most of all THANK YOU EVERYBODY!


You can map the input however you like, so multiply, by value, etc. It’s really just a term to describe the process I think. The implementation is up to the programmer.

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