Different LCD?

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #1

Hello I’m new to the Arduboy community and I just wanted to get some feedback and what not. But i have a couple of Questions. First i can’t Buy a Arduboy because i don’t have much money these days and i would love to buy one. So I’m going to try to make one my self.

I have been searching around the site and getting a lot of mix information. Sorry that is my fault not understanding things still. But i was wondering If the Arduboy software cane run on a i2c Oled i have a couple of them one is a white oled and the other is a blue and yellow oled?

I know from seeing a lot of things that the refresh is not all that fast. But Still would like to know if it is possible. I know the libraries need to be change for the Screen Is there anything else i would need to know? I’m not much of a coder and i know this will all go wrong fast But I’m willing to test this.


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(Scott) #2

You could look at this Arduboy2 library port:

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(Joseph Chrzempiec) #3

Hello no i didn’t see that one I’m looking now Thank you.

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(Joseph Chrzempiec) #4

This is awesome I’m going to try it out MLXXXp. Thank you. One thing i can’t make out is the pinout for the buttons. What are they? I can’t find them so many codes.

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(Kevin) #5

Lots of good info here


(Joseph Chrzempiec) #6

Hello bateske looks awesome from that image there. However the SPI oled there i do not have. I only have the i2c one. that is my problem.


(Joseph Chrzempiec) #7

I saw in the arduboy 2 github file there is a Fritz file i’m starting toe learn a little of it. So now i can see the pinout MLXXXp

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