DigoleSerial LCD library and Arduboy


I want to use the DigoleSerial LCD library in my arduboy to create some programs from scratch (without Arduboy library) and test this library https://github.com/qery/qMenuSystem

The original code initialize the display with:
DigoleSerialDisp mydisp=DigoleSerialDisp(8,9,10);

Hoy can I inialize the Arduboy display?

Best regards and thanks in advance

If you’re not completely opposed to the idea of using Arduboy2, you could rewrite the qMenuSystem to use the Arduboy2 library.
It would be a lot easier, you wouldn’t have to worry about how the screen works or how to account for the difference between I2C and SPI, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the licence issue.

If you are oposed to using Arduboy2 for some reason, then read on:

DigoleSerialDisp is written for I2C and the Arduboy’s screen is connected via SPI, which is an entirely different communication protocol.

The Arduboy’s screen is an SSD1306.
You can find the data sheet here:

From the looks of things, you’re going to have to rewrite the entire DigigoleSerialDisp class.

DigoleSoftSerial doesn’t appear to have a licence so you may have to contact the Digole people to get express permission to edit the library (which it seems eadf neglected to do).

Also note that some of the commands don’t appear to have an equivalent.
For example, the Arduboy’s screen is an OLED, thus it does not have a backlight, so there isn’t a backLightOn/backLightOff command.
There also probably isn’t a displayConfig commandand there won’t be a setI2CAddress command.

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