Direct dev with emulator?

I found projectABE but I’m not sure how to integrate it with ArduinoIDE to test out code. I found Sketch > Export Compiled Binary but I’m at a loss what to do next.

Or do folks tend to just develop against the hardware?

I would recommend using Ardens/ArdensPlayer instead. It’s like ProjectABE but on every steroid known to man, with all the debugging features and stuff. Download the version you need from the releases page and then launch ArdensPlayer or Ardens (IIRC ArdensPlayer is a minimal emulator and Ardens is the debugger). Then just drag and drop your .hex in the little window.

nice, trying that now… how do I get the fancy debugging tools to load? All I can seem to get is a raw view of memory, mostly

To run ProjectABE you just have to feed it a path to a .hex file as a command line argument.

So on Windows you’d run cmd and then tell it <path-to-project-abe> <path-to-hex-file>. E.g. C:\ProjectABE C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arduino\Arduboy\Project\Project.hex.

(If you edit your %PATH% environment variable to list ProjectABE then you won’t need to specify the whole path anymore, simply ProjectABE <path-to-hex> would be enough, and the OS will locate the executable for you.)

You should also be able to just drag-and-drop the .hex file onto the ProjectABE executable on Windows.

Similar arrangements would likely apply to Ardens.

Personally I always test on hardware.

I also use VSCode/VSCodium with the Arduino plugin since it’s a proper IDE.
(Arduino’s ‘IDE’ is missing a load of even basic features and has a cumbersome interface that isn’t good for juggling lots of files.)

On VSCode/VSCodium you can call up a command line session from within the program itself, so it’s easier to run programs like ProjectABE.

You used to be able to code directly in the emulator but some cloud service broke and I’m too afraid of breaking my website to try and bring it over on the main domain.

Working on bringing someone on who can work on the website stuff I don’t understand…