Discord for Arduboy

Okay so I have been lurking for a good long while now and while this topic has come up a few times before (in 2017 and 2018 to be exact) I do believe its time to revive it because frankly, the online landscape has advanced over these 4 long years. Discord is now just as feature rich as Slack with none of its weirdness of needing unique emails, permissions and what have you. As for the IRC its dead, completely abandoned and dosent archive anything which im not a fan of even though i love IRC, its just not that relevant nowadays im afraid to say.

So, instead of asking for feedback ive gone right over due process and made one right now anyway! Here is the link: Arduboy Cool Boi Center

It will be bare bones slightly while I get everything in order but it should be running smoothly in not that long of an amount of time im sure. If any power users of the forums want admin rights, they can tell me and ill give it to them, of course, i am not a monster after all. So lets just try it out and enjoy ourselves, eh? I mean there’s two active Game and Watch discords, surely we can handle a discord too, right?