Discord for the community

Hi, I am new to this community and I wondered if it has a discord channel? if not an official one, maybe groups that has a channel and want to share?

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There’s the slack chat


As far as I’m aware there isn’t one.

You can just make forum posts and let anyone join in, or you can make private group messages if you only want a limited number of people in your discussion.

There might be some users that use discord but I have no idea who does or doesn’t.

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There’s a Slack group! I like Slack a lot more than Discord, but I’m not sure how to share a link to it. Maybe @Celinebins knows how to invite those who are interested. :slight_smile:

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Oh, aparently there’s an IRC.

According to @bateske you have to ask via the contact form if you want to be involved in Slack. I get the impression it’s more for serious discussion of features than for general chat though.

This also seems probable.


I use discord a lot but didn’t even knew about Slack (seems really serious/professionnal). I guess i’ll have to check it and get use to it then.

It’s what businesses use to keep track of inside communication between developers. So yeah, a little bit serious :P. Although to be fair it’s being used ever increasingly for non-serious stuff.

(I suspect the official Arduboy Slack is still “srs bsns” for discussing future developments and business stuff like arranging the booth at that big Tokyo fair.)

I think the IRC is almost certainly less formal.

thank’s for everyone! I will join the IRC channel I think

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Yes @Celinebins is the one to talk to give her your email

And only 1 person ever uses the irc can’t remember who but they’re almost always in there and always respond promptly, must be really bored

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IRC is available to the community but it’s your space, I don’t visit there any more. Slack chat is great if you want to be involved in the future development or aren’t afraid of a less filtered version of my stream of consciousness. We did at one time have discord, but without a real need to talk on a regular basis it’s probably overkill.

We do host google hangouts from time to time and the invites come from Slack.

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