Discourse feature discussion and Improving things here

Continuing the discussion from Housekeeping: Make new threads for new topics:

Not to derail the Housekeeping topic that’s about derailing topics I’ve created another so that we can discuss forum features or plugins.

One issue I’ve read is moving or splitting can cause change of ownership to the mover, I’m not sure if its something that’s been addressed but it could become a notification nightmare.

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Babble looks interesting and may be helpful to reduce some chitter chatter.

Although I’ve seen threads spit/moved on other Discourse forums, I don’t know how it’s done. I have moderator privileges but haven’t found the option or tool to do this. Perhaps it’s a plugin or option that must be enabled.

I assume the mechanism hasn’t changed in 3 years:

Might be that it needs enabling first.

It could work, but it brings the issue of how to decide what belongs on a forum post and what belongs in the chat window, so we’d have to decide that and then make some guidelines.

I don’t have a Move to New Topic in the Wrench menu.


Can I have a badge please? :grin:

Near the bottom of this thread it shows different stuff https://community.smartthings.com/t/how-to-split-topics-using-discourse-forum/10687

Is there another wrench somewhere? I’ve skimmed s few things that have mentioned multiple ones.

Yes, sorry, wrong wrench. Still no Move to New Topic though.

I think it’s under the select posts option.

Navigate to the Topic
Click the Wrench Icon (top right)
Click Select Posts
Click select on the post you want to move
Click Move to New Topic



There’s also another wrench at the bottom of the topic.

At this rate you’ll have a full socket set.

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I was just trying this when you replied. That’s where it is.


I think everyone knows what I’d want this for. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing something like https://felipemanga\.github\.io/ProjectABE/\?hex=.* would work for now. (More flexible, but possibly open to abuse.)

Or for a stricter match only matching stuff from eried’s collection:

I’d prefer the first. I don’t know anything about discourse plugins, but I think it’d be neat if simple links to hex files resulted in the game running embedded as a preview.