[Discuss] Arduboy Quick Start Guide

“brain fart” -> “clear the air” You did that on purpose, right? :wink: :smile:

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can someone make a video on how to add game to the arduboy using windows

@wingsofsarrow this video helped me when I was struggling to add games using the quickstart guide:


If that doesn’t help, send me a pm and I can give sort of a step by step, using what I’ve learned as a total noob.


As soon as I can erase one and then reinstall it, I will make a (crappy) video showing how to do this. I have never made a video before, so bear with me. Once I become expert in Arduboy code, I will be willing to help. I have some games that I wrote years ago for the Timex 1000 and the 2068. I want to update them. I wrote “No Invaders” back in 1983. This was a book of nothing but graphics. I wish that I kept it in printed form. Oh, well.

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Will Kickstarter Arduboys be updated?

An AVR programmer is needed to update the bootloader. The required files will likely be made available, so you could do it yourself with the proper equipment and skills. I suspect if Arduboy offers to do bootloader updates, it will be something you’ll have to pay for.

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I have a few of these. I would be willing to help with these.


I couldnt do anything with the card. I wiped every trace of it on my Windows system. I reinstalled Arduino and made sure that I picked Com3. This wasnt available before. Now it works.

I uploaded the adruboy librabry but i get errors whenevr i compile This is the error i get when i compile the example HelloWorld sketch:
Arduino: 1.6.6 (Windows 8.1), Board: “Arduino/Genuino Uno”

In file included from c:\program files (x86)\arduino\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\avr\io.h:99:0,

             from c:\program files (x86)\arduino\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\avr\power.h:35,

             from C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\core/core.h:4,

             from C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.h:4,

             from C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.cpp:1:

C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.cpp: In member function ‘void Arduboy::initRandomSeed()’:

C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.h:23:39: error: ‘MUX4’ was not declared in this scope

#define ADC_VOLTAGE (_BV(REFS0) | _BV(MUX4) | _BV(MUX3) | _BV(MUX2) | _BV(MUX1))


C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.cpp:141:42: note: in expansion of macro ‘ADC_VOLTAGE’

randomSeed(~rawADC(ADC_TEMP) * ~rawADC(ADC_VOLTAGE) * ~micros() + micros());


C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.cpp: In member function ‘uint16_t Arduboy::rawADC(byte)’:

C:\Users\standard\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy-1.1\src\Arduboy.cpp:150:18: error: ‘MUX5’ was not declared in this scope



exit status 1
Error compiling.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
enabled in File > Preferences.

Wht is the solution. Thanks

You have to select Arduboy or Arduino Leonardo as the board type, as instructed in Step 3 of the guide.

Also, Arduino IDE 1.6.6 is a bit old an may cause problems. Please update to Arduino 1.6.9 (Don’t use 1.6.10 It causes problems with the Aduboy library at the moment.)

I am trying to make my own version of the arduboy and im using the UNO for the current prototype

Then you may wish to start with the modifications I made to the Arduboy library to work with the ATmega328P (and please continue the discussion in that thread).

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hi does this go in a html version I went htm like for 5 months and gave up (out of Bordem ) but I wasn't doing any fun stuff but now I am so please try get back to me

I’ve removed references to codebender in the Quick Start Guide, since the service is being shut down.


Cool thanks checking link out now😀

I’ve changed the title of this topic from Kickstarter Quick Start Guide to Arduboy Quick Start Guide since it covers all versions of the Arduboy, not just the Kickstarter rewards.


This guide has been updated to:

  • Provide instructions for installing all the Arduboy related libraries, not just the Arduboy library.
  • Indicate that the Arduboy library is no longer being developed and that the Arduboy2 library is recommended for new sketches.
  • Provide information for using flashlight mode as a possible fix when a new sketch can’t be uploaded.
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I’ve added the Arduboy-TinyFont library by @Botisaurus to the list of installable Arduboy related libraries in the Quick Start Guide.


Totally agree.
for some reason this is the first thing i did : D

And then the next thing I know is that I did a complete overhaul of the game and now that is the only thing I am playing : P
I would like my next game to be something like a snake or the classis Tetris, but I need somewhere to start.

Giving me a snake game written with 1,500 lines of a emulator and 8 different files is not helping, by the way.

What is the fuss about the “kickstarter” version?