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(Simon) #86

The ‘kickstarter’ version of the Arduboy was slightly different to the current production version. From what I can gather, it has some issues with the wiring of the the LEDs and the speaker. These differences are handled correctly in the Arduboy library through use of a #define.

(Scott R) #87

Some differences I’ve observed.

Some Kickstarter models had the LED installed upside down this causes lighting the wrong colour or a colour to be omitted, basically the pins are mixed up or not connected.

I believe it was the first run of Kickstarter models that had speaker holes, these were later removed as they add no noticeable improvement to audio.

The Kickstarter models lacked locktight on the screws.

The OLED can be slightly wonky.

The soldering on the battery terminals is not so pretty i’m Not 100% if it’s the exact same battery.

The piezo wiring is slightly different but I think it’s to the same pins as retail/ production models?

Devkits use a different pinout and are handled by defines I’m not aware of this being the case for kickstarters.

From what I gather Kickstarter models are rough cut retail/production models.

(Simon) #88

Right … I think I was mixing to two.

(Pharap) #90

Because they were the original boards from when Arduboy was originally funded on kickstarter:

Nobody gets something right the first time around.
Technology always takes a couple of iterations of improvement.

(Scott R) #91

I guess first you will need to know what Kickstarter is:

By backing you donate to fund a project to support it and are rewarded with a gift depending on the level of your donation.

What you receive may or may not be the final product, you can submit feedback to the developer and they may enhance the design in the final phase your essentially receiving pre-release review hardware.

I’ve wrote up a short history of the Arduboy for you:

A brief history of Arduboy-The story of Kevin a small town girl with big city dreams…

Young Kevin whilst playing with his rubber duck Sam is visited by an an Elf whom fell off his shelf, “Behold the mighty OLED young man” the elf screeched as he gifted young Kevin with a SSD1306 OLED.
Kevin bewitched by the OLED’s tantalising glow immediately left Sam in a storm drain besides Timmy’s boat and started tinkering.

Kevin tinkers for several days and several nights to finally forging his masterpiece, a tiny sized gaming device and on its tiny glowing screen there is the magic game runes of the Red Devil himself. Consumed and corrupted by the darkness that is often caused by too much exposure to ThatGameWeShallNotSay Kevin is sent insane.

It is not known what happened for a period but it is believed Kevin spent some time perfecting the dark arts that had consumed him, claiming he had his sanity and was looking for a job Kevin unleashed his ultimate darkness on the world he showed them his perfected dark device, corrupting all who would gaze upon its tantalising glow it was ThatGameWeShallNotSay sneakily hidden within what would first appear to be a business card.

Spell struck and now wanting more the public head to Tindie in the hope of finding a cure to be met the by none other than the Deveopment kit 1st edition aka the first wave. Now touched by its darkness the public cry out for more and it is here Kevin realised world domination was within his grasp. He opened the door unshackled the beast and set the Kickstarter free (wave 2).
The public now completely consumed by the darkness snapped up the Kickstarters spawn as their own.

First the Development Kits 2nd editions then the white ones and soon every colour they could possibly morph into was in the public’s grasp…

(Scott) #93

Discussing the various iterations of the Arduboy hardware doesn’t have much to do with the content of the Quick Start Guide, which is what this topic is intended for.

Please take these discussions elsewhere.


Deleting these posts (sometimes I cannot end a conversaiton I started HELP)

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You just said above that you agree that we were going off topic and now you’re posting a question that has nothing to do with the Quick Start Guide.

Please discuss the Arduboy2 library in its topic. And read the Arduboy2 documentation before asking questions. Your question is already answered in the documentation.