[Discuss] Education and Entertainment cannot coexist

I wrote my own ASTROID game that does not even have a level and life system, and I am totally enjoying blasting spheres with moving white pixels.
But it does not stop me from playing games on my iPad or my laptop (Minecraft, Terraria, World of Tanks, SimplePlanes)
Thought I played too much games? My English teacher had 177 games on his STEAM, and he showe me his collection.
My astroid include:
switch loops
lookup tables (coming)
if loops
scope (of variable)
conditional statements
data types
object (considered)
class (considered)
Still, not a very complicated game, although I almost ate up all the RAM and ROM (91% and 89% during use!), in which more than half was for the floating things (1088 bits!)
It really depend on what are you going to write to achieve the goal.
Working on the look-up table right now…

I was playing Civilization VI and I was doing my thing and then a world report comes up saying some yet undiscovered nation is close to achieving a cultural victory!

Took my entire army and searched across the whole world to destroy them.

I am the bad man.