Display for homemade Arduboy

Hello BATESKE, i have seen your schematic and it is amazing. I am too making my own diy arduboy. I am kinda of new to this community, so i need some help. I am using arduino leonardo for this project, 6 push buttons, buzzer and a SPI OLED of 280 x 280 pixels with ST7789 driver and it doesn’t have CS pin except of it, it has BLK pin. I have tested everything and everthing works on their simple test codes. But when I make arduboy with it the screen just stays black, when i press buttons, buzzer make tunes. I guess the problem is with driver as it is different from SH and SSD drivers. I will be really happy if you could help me :slight_smile:

Hello Mr. Blinky, I am new to this arduboy community and i want to make my own arduboy. I am using your homemade arduboy package which helps me a lot. But still i am facing one problem,
i am using arduino leonardo, 6 push buttons , buzzer and a spi oled lcd which has 240 x 240 pixels and uses ST7789 driver. My all stuff works as i have tested everything. But when i do the setup of arduboy and upload ardubreakout code the screen stays blank. I guess it’s because in your homemade arduboy package we dont have that driver(ST7789) we only have SH and SSD drivers. I tried with SH but it still didn’t work. I will be extremely thankful to you if you could help me, PLEASE!

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You don’t get a picture because the ST7789 display controller is quite different from the ones supported by the Homemade package.

There’s no support for color displays because they require a lot of MCU power resulting in unacceptable slowdowns.

@Mr.Blinky, I am glad that you replied to my query, and i have also understood what you are trying to tell me. So can you suggest me a display which should i buy for my homemade arduboy ?? Also tell me which communication(SPI or I2C) and driver it should use ??

If you want the best compatibility with the Arduboy, you want a 128 x 64 OLED display with an SSD1306 control chip. It should have an SPI interface that includes D/C CS and RST lines in addition to the data and clock signals. If your processor is running at 5V, the display should have 5V power and signal capability or else you will have to provide external 3.3V power and signal level shifters.

If you want to spend the money, the Adafruit 0.96" or 1.3" displays are good choices but there are cheaper ones available if you want to do the research to select one.

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@MLXXXp, I searched for a display which have such specifications as you mentioned above, and I found this display - https://robu.in/product/0-96-oled-display-module-spii2c-128x64-7-pin-blue/
Will this one work okay ??
And D0, D1 pins are SCK and SDA respectively ??

Yes, as long as you like a blue display instead of white.

This display uses series resistors to protect from 5V signals, instead of true level shifters. I don’t like that idea but I haven’t seen any complaints about damage from doing it. If you’re worried about this, you could use one of these level shifter modules: