Distance at which you use your Arduboy

At what distance you guys use your Arduboys? Because I’m wondering if I’m straining my eyes at the distance that I use mine at, and I don’t know what would be considered normal .

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Somewhere between 12-18 inches depending on game or if screen is inverted

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I am not a doctor nor a scientist but from what I understood about vision the whole “you’re holding it too close to your face” or “you’re sitting too close to the tv” is a wive’s tale.

I believe it matters more that you take frequent breaks than it is what distance you view something at.

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I should clarify my answer is of my own usage and not a recommendation.
I have noticed that I’m recently holding it closer for text heavy games than when I first got one.

I once tried a couple of Arduboy’s close to my eyes with the idea of making a google glass styled Arduboy with glove controls but found I couldn’t focus with the screen so close.


From what I can gather from a few quick internet searches,
it seems that quality of lighting and duration of viewing are more important than distance.
(Which makes sense in a way, eyes are designed to adapt to the distance they need to see - reading a book vs looking off into the distance.)

Eyes get tired from prolonged use and dehydration, so taking breaks and possibly using rehydration products (or just plain old water) are probably good countermeasures against eye strain.

I found this, it’s about TV rather than games, but it’s the same principle:

And also this:

Wikipedia has an article, but it has zero citations,
so it’s as trustworthy as the guy selling cheap steaks at the back of the local supermarket.

Also, “dammit jim, I’m a programmer, not an optician”, so your mileage may vary.


@Pharap, @Keyboard_Camper, @bateske, thank you all for your responses. I appreciate it. To be honest, this forum seems really friendly and helpful. I feel welcomed here. Pharap, you play a large part in that, and Bateske as well. It feels nice to have a developer actually be responsive and active in the community, not through a Twitter feed.


Thanks, the praise is much appreciated.

It helps that I don’t actually have a Twitter account.

As far as I’m concerned the fun is here on the forum,
not floating out in Twitterspace.

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Oh yes it is. Even before i had an Arduboy i came here alot to learn and because of the community exchanges and all the subjects here. I really appreciate this community too and i like the exchanges between all the users, even the creator of the Arduboy take the time to exchange, explain his project and respond to users even he his very busy and a special mention for the works of Pharap because the quantity of quality of his help to help programmers to progress is just amazing.

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