Distributing TEAM a.r.g. games and demos

So, I have decided that everybody from now on forward can distribute our games and demos with these guidelines:

  • make sure you provide a link to the original webpage of the game
  • make sure you set it clear these are TEAM a.r.g. games
  • use our original images, banners and text as provided in each .arduboy file
  • you are responsible for providing the latest release (every game has a link to the latest source)
  • we are not going to maintain your lists, images, text nor links

Wow!! I was just about to message you about this… This is cool!



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You should include these conditions, if not already covered, as an addendum, modification or replacement to the MIT license in the LICENSE file that you include with the source you’ve distributed for most (all?) of your works.

And, note that technically, even if you add these restrictions to the LICENSE files or elsewhere, all previous releases of games that currently carry the MIT license will still be governed only by that MIT license. (You can’t make license changes retroactive.)


These are guidelines not a license

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If you don’t modify the LICENSE file or add these “guidelines” somewhere else in the repository, people won’t see them when they download it.

In your initial post you said they were conditions not guidelines, which can have a different effect.

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Not trying to be a smartarse but in UK / AU / everywhere else but the US the word license with an ‘s’ is a verb. Licence spelt with a ‘c’ is the noun. I thought as a Canadian you would spell it like the real world.


It’s spelled LICENSE as the file name that Team A.R.G has used in their repositories. I continued with that spelling so as to not confuse the issue.

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Right … thought as a Canadian you would know how to spell that!

Only an American would spell both the noun and the verb with an ‘s’

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Also note that if you use the Add a license: pulldown, to automatically add a licence, when creating a repository on GitHub, it will name the file LICENSE, so that’s become kind of a standard.

In your initial post you said they were conditions not guidelines

changed it to “guidelines”

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It’s great that the A.R.G games can now join other repo’s even if there is a few basic T&C’s that would be just courtesy anyway.


To be honest, this page could just as easily be called “common courtesy for distributing other people’s games”.

Point 3 is the only point that I’d class as Team ARG specific


I’ve heard there’ve been some issues about posting the games to http://arduboy.ried.cl/, even though the license allowed it. Does this mean Team a.r.g. is okay with it now? I’d be glad to hear the thing has been resolved :slight_smile:

Well … that’s what the topic is about. :smiley:

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