DIY Arduboy advance (short off)

BSo I got this design from one of the user here that has been kindly enough to share it trough easyeda. After few modification and two weeks waiting for the pcb later, I came up with this

Here’s video test:

My power supply plan for this design is to use a small lipo battery and tp4056 battery charger, but I got little confuse on how to protect the battery from power that come from the raw pin when I plug the arduino pro micro to the computer and the arduboy is turn on from the battery because the battery is feeding the power trough the raw pin, do you guys has any suggestion?


Trying to get bluetooth hid feature to make the arduboy act as a wireless controller. Still need to make few adjustment on the code


The HID bluetooth is working.

I use hc 05 module that I reflash using rn 42 firmware and since I don’t use rgb led on this diy arduboy, I use those pins as software serial pin to send the uart data to the hc 05 module


Just finished this diy arduboy build tutorial video.

More details is on hackaday:

Do drop a like on my hackaday project page if you like because I am entering this project on hackaday prize contest



thanks @eried, really appreciate your support. I drop a like on your project also :smiley:

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Great project … I ‘liked’ it!

Thanks Simon, So glad you ‘liked’ it

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Updated version 2 pcb with faceplate


I’d call it ‘crude but effective’.
Lots of interesting detail on the back.

Given the recent discussion about use of Arduboy Inc trademarks,
I wonder if the use of “DIY Arduboy” would be a misuse of a trademark.

Just a thought.

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I like the idea of making a faceplate of the PCB. gives it a nice look and makes pushing the buttons down correcly easier.

I had something in mind like that too but then as a bottom plate so you wouldn’t get pinched by the component ends.


Maybe we should start calling them Arduboy compatibles or name them after their Arduino core. LeonardoBoy MicroBoy, ProMicroBoy. This one’s definetly a ProMicroBoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Reminds me of Pete and his “compatibles”


Reminds me of a game that needs to be released for a “compatible”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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HaHa Pete’s compatibles. There’s a trademark in there :wink:

I am aware of the discussion and will remove the arduboy name on the future version. Thanks for the suggestion @Mr.Blinky I am terrible at giving name on my project :sweat_smile: so far I just came up with ardubuino since the button placement is similar to gamebuino.

Yup i pinched the usb micro and break it. Now I just made the gap a bit wider

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