DIY Arduboy Arduventure


This is a guide to convert a normal white Arduboy into a special one.

  1. Use a sharpie to paint the PCB.

I managed to break the OLED. You might need to replace the screen anyway to paint below it (you can use warm air to soften the tape behind the screen and lift it carefully to skip this part). Get the right one here:

Apply pressure with the soldering iron at 400C in each pin. Test and repeat if there is problems:

Finally, put double sided tape and align the screen with the markings on the PCB:

  1. Now print the new buttons. I suggest “PLA bronze metallic” (search in eBay, you can get 10 meters for less than 5 USD)

For getting the clicky feeling, you need to cut PLA filament into 1 mm pieces and press them to place with nose pliers behind each button.

Check the Thingiverse link for more details about the configuration when printing. The result is awesome, same feeling than the original ones.

  1. Reassemble the Arduboy and enjoy!

It is important to use an electric screwdriver for the maximum effect when finishing the custom Arduboy

Another view:


Those buttons look fantastic I love how they look like machined metal.


Those buttons look awesome. I like the metalic, ribbed look! smart idea of using fillament for the tactile pressure point.

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