DIY Arduboy Case

I was home today & bored, so I made a slip case for the MicroCard out of duct tape & tyvek.


Tetris MicroCard by Arduboy & Simple DIY Duct Tape Slip Case

The MicroCard fits nice and snug :slight_smile:

How do you carry your Arduboy into the wild?

Edit: added image / formatting

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Looks like the link doesn’t work for me…

It should work now!

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Taken from Arduboy Magazine Vol 2: :wink:


How’d it scratch? Any pics??

I usually use butane (poor man’s goo be gone). That can adversely affect some plastics, however, and I don’t know what kind of plastic is on the Arduboy.

It appears to be polycarbonate - in which case, butane is a big no no. Perhaps alcohol & a cotton swab?

leather, with custom mushroom bead / pearl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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